Lucio woke to the sound of sobbing. He sat up, wincing at the pain. He waited a few moments for his mind to clear up. He could feel a dull pain in his back and his head throbbed.

He looked around, still half dazed. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he realized where he was. The wrought iron bars in front of him and the stench of blood and fear hanging in the air meant that it could only be one place: the dungeons underneath the Justice Building.

He cursed under his breath at how reckless he'd been. He knew that his brothers would never leave one of their own to rot in a prison, which troubled him even more. They would have to waste precious time and resources to get him out. Lives might be lost, all because he wasn't careful.

The sobbing had grown louder. Lucio looked around, annoyed. The last thing he needed was something to make him even more stressed than he already was.

He saw a woman huddled in the corner. He could tell from how she shook that she was the one crying. Frustrated that he couldn't do anything, he started to examine himself for any injuries.

He didn't have any injuries, save for a stab wound in his back that had scabbed over quite a while ago. Other than that, there was a heavy chain around his wrist. He could tell that he would never be able to get out of it. His Assassin's robes had been taken and replaced with rags. They'd even taken his leather grieves, leaving him barefooted.

Lucio felt his heart lurch when he saw a guard coming down the stairs that led into the dungeon. He heard the prisoners call out foul words and snarl as if they wanted to kill him. But the guard didn't flinch, he just kept walking down the row of cells, a ring of keys dangling from his hand.

He walked over to Lucio's cell with great confidence. Lucio was terrified. What was the guard going to do to him? With infinite calmness, the guard pulled off his glove, revealing a small insignia carved into his flesh. Lucio gasped as he recognized the Assassins' crest. The crest was a small flame with a crescent moon under it.

All Assassins had the crest carved into the back of their hand when they joined the Brotherhood. It was so that they could be sure who was a friend and who was an enemy.

Lucio held up his own hand, showing the guard the small crest carved into his skin. The guard nodded and fiddled with they key ring until he found the correct key. He unlocked the cell and stood back.

* * *

Lucio walked down the street confidently. He knew that he was lucky that one of the Assassins had been there to break him out. He knew that many Assassins in the past hadn't been so lucky.

Now, he had to return to Prypiat where he would no doubt find his mother and sister. The Assassin that had broken him out had told him that his family were safe in Prypiat.

Lucio stopped at the edge of the forest. He dreaded what he would find in there. He knew that human guards were now swarming the forest looking for their escaped prisoner. Taking a deep breath, he turned into his wolf form.

Lucio bounded through the forest, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He had to get out as quickly as he could or the humans would no doubt find him and put him back in the dungeons. Or worse.

After what seemed like an eternity, he burst out into the open, gasping for breath. His black pelt felt hot and sweaty in the bright winter sun. he groaned at the thought of traveling on foot for a whole day. But there was no way that he was going to let his mother worry about him any longer than he had to.