Peter the Squirrel

Peter the squirrel was a very happy squirrel. He skipped down Cherry Tree Lane to collect nuts for his family to store for winter. He searched and searched for the best nuts but couldn't find any. Finally, he discovered a shiny white acorn behind a leaf. Although he didn't know why a string was coming out of the back, why TNT was stamped on it, why he was flying through the air, and why his tail was on fire, he got up and walked over to the spot where the acorn was. Since the acorn wasn't there anymore Peter skipped once more down Cherry Tree Lane to find more interesting acorns.

When Peter the Squirrel had found the TNT acorn

He had skipped into grounds were a war was going on.

The acorn (TNT) was thrown 3 minutes before Peter

had gotten there. Because Peter was Being stupid and

Picked up the acorn, Peter was never seen again. They

Found him on Cherry Tree Lane with a Basket and one

Piece of a white acorn with a big T On it.

In memory of

Peter The Squirrel