I am a gateway.

That was my life, substance, and only purpose in existence. You mortals and your "needs" are so laughable. Even I wasn't niave enough to sign my soul over for fame, glory, or something as petty as lust. Yet you unbearably ache for it. For being so careless, you deserve to have your souls taken by me.

At least that was what I used to think. There was once a time when I believed that a mark was nothing more than a mark. That I let them enjoy and revel in momentary happiness and a joy that was far from everlasting as long as I got to swallow down that life when their time had ran out in this realm of living and second chances. I never dreamed that I'd want to find a way to go back in time, so that she'd have a second chance to change her mind.

She promised to give me whatever I wanted, which was the only ever one thing I could desire, as long as I gave into hers first. And so, my end of the bargain was completed and her clock of enjoyment had reached it's limit. Of every mortal they had me sent to, it just had to be her, didn't it?

"You've given me everything I could've ever want, Nine," she said quietly.

How could she not be afraid right now, knowing what was coming?

But there we stood on the threshold of her life that was full glowing and filling my eyes as her seconds of breathing were spiraling to their end. She was beautiful and made me so breathless now. Now that she was out of reach--even here at my side--she was untouchable. I thought back to every moment when I took how close we were for granted. And there was no time left, my chances ending at the same time as hers.

My restraints unwound flawlessly like a bird spreading its wings and taking flight. My steel muzzle hit the floor with them as I breathed in her mouthwatering scent. I gulped down the build up of saliva in my mouth and gasped, my hands shaking with my own wants to satisfy my hunger. But when I took hold of her, it wasn't in the same way as the others. I clutched the tops of her arms and yanked her roughly to my chest, so forceful that it knocked the wind of her. I locked my arms around and felt that cherishable beat of her heart when mine lacked it's own.

"I'd give anything," I spoke in a hush into her earthy brown locks, smooth as silk to my lips, "to never give you yours."

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