I remember my youth days. Those were probably the best days of my life. Back then, I had everything a high school girl could possibly ask for. Popularity, good grades, thin and good looking body, and to top it all off, the cutest boy in school as my boyfriend. Everything was absolutely perfect then. Well, it was. Until my perfect life took a brusque turn for the worst. One day I was a gorgeous brunette with blue eyes, the next a strikingly beautiful girl. Now my hair was dark brown—almost black. My eyes had also changed colour. Originally blue, they were now an amazing dark violet. My skin was also an alabaster white. It had a little bit of colour, but not much.

I felt different too. Normally I'd be thinking, "It's really cold in my room." But this morning it didn't seem that way. It wasn't warm, but it wasn't cold either. I stared at the image I saw in the mirror for a few minutes.

"Is that really me?" I whispered.

"Oh course is it Elizabeth." A female voice said. I spun around, and sitting on my bed was beautiful woman. I guesstimated she was about 24 or 25. Her hair was long, thick, and strawberry blonde. The woman's eyes were an amazing turquoise, and her skin was the same colour as mine.

"Who are you?" I asked her. The woman smiled, then stood up and walked over to me. She reached a slender, manicured hand out to me. I responded, grasping her hand and shaking it.

"You should already know who I am, Elizabeth." She said in her soft and sweet voice. I raised my eyebrows at her.

"Well, I don't know you." I narrowed my eyes at her. "How did you get in my room anyway?"

"Trust me, Elizabeth. You know who I am. Or at least your soul does." The woman said. She was really starting to freak me out. "My name is Aurora. I'm your guardian. Both of us are different from everyone else."

"How could I possibly be different? Other than the new appearance." I asked Aurora.

"Well, both of us are vampyres." My mouth dropped open when she said the word, vampyres. Aurora laughed quietly.

"That…it's not possible, vampyres don't exist!" I said loudly. "I can't be a vampyre; I'm just a normal high school student…."

"How old are you today? Today is your birthday isn't it?" Aurora asked.

"I'm seventeen, but yesterday was my birthday. Why does it matter?"

"Ah, so you are right on time." She said.

"Excuse me, on time?" I asked.

"Well, yes. Vampyre blood begins manifesting between the ages of fifteen and eighteen, your transformation completed last night. Exactly at midnight—at the end of your seventeenth birthday." Aurora explained.

"You've got to be kidding. I can't go to school like this!" I said.

"Not to this school, but to a Night School for others like you and I. With other species such as Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts, Banshee's and even Immortals." Aurora said. I stared at her, not really believing a word she said. Her eyes sparkled as she stepped towards me.

"Well…where is this school?" I asked her. Aurora's eyes sparkled with amusement.

"It's at your normal high school."

"No way. It can't possibly be held at Westbrook! Normal kids go to school there during the day." I said.

"Of course it is. The school you will be attending is at night."

Night School?! Is this woman crazy? I can't go to Night School! "Can't I just get blue coloured contacts and go to normal high school?" I asked her.

"You could do that, but you would still have to go to Night School at Westbrook." Aurora said calmly.

"But why?" I shrieked. Aurora clamped her hand over top of my mouth.

"Calm down, Elizabeth. I know you are confused and afraid, but you must listen to me. I brought coloured contacts with me. Today will be your last day Westbrook High Day School. Tomorrow, you will begin Westbrook High Night School. This in your choice to make—it is mine. Got to school today, clear your thing out of your locker, and say goodbye." Aurora patted my head, then handed me the contacts. "Good luck." With that said, Aurora walked to the window. She smiled at me, and with a wave of her hands, she was gone.