Chapter Four

New Home

After a nerve racking five seconds, my feet touched the solid wood floor. Wait…wood flooring? I felt around for a wall. I was grateful when I located one. I heard a soft thud, then I was blinded by bright light.

"Now that was not so bad, was it?" Aurora asked. I shook my head slowly in response. "Good." I looked around my new home. There were four rooms with an open space in the center, which we happened to be standing in.

"Follow me Elizabeth. I shall give you a tour of the house. First, allow me to show you your room."Aurora walked over to the arch way that led to the smaller of the bed rooms. The interior of my room was rather plain, but I liked it. The walls were painted a lilac purple, and the bed frame was white, as was the comforter.

The last thing I noticed about my new room was the computer desk with a brand new white Mac laptop on top of it. "No way! You get internet here?" I asked.

"Well of course we do, Elizabeth." Aurora said. "We may be detached, but we still like to stay in touch with the day world."

"Cool." I said. I set my duffle bag on my new bed, and shrugged Joseph's jacket off.

"Come, let me show you the rest of your new home." Aurora walked out of my room and across the open space to another arch way. "This," she gestured into the room, "is my bed room." I looked inside quickly. Her room was lighter than mine. Almost everything was white.

Aurora walked to a room with an actual door. "This is the bathroom. Yes we have running water as well." Aurora said. I smiled sheepishly and followed her to what I assumed was the kitchen. "Help yourself to food whenever you want." Aurora said.

"Now, let us have a real supper." Aurora said. She reached into the fridge and pulled out a bottle. A bottle filled with a dark red liquid. Aurora walked gracefully through the kitchen and prepared something that resembled spaghetti. It smelled amazing.

"What are you making?" I asked. Aurora turned towards me and winked.

"It is called sanguini. I believe you will like it. It is one of my favorites." She said. "It will not be ready for another thirty minutes. Perhaps you should begin unpacking." I nodded then—happily—walked to my room.

I walked over to my laptop and switched it on before sitting down. The first thing I did, was check my email. I was disappointed when I saw that I had no new mail. I clicked on compose button and decided to write to Joseph and Baily.

Dear J and Bai,

I miss you guys soooooo much! It turns out I did have to move. But the good news is that Aurora has internet service! Oh. Um, Joseph, I still have one of your jackets. I didn't know how I could give it back to you though. Maybe I'll slip it into your locker tomorrow night. I have to go now. Aurora is calling me for dinner. Bye! XOXO

Love, Lizzie


So sorry that this chappie is super short. It looked longer when I wrote it on paper. lol