Reformers Unanimous Essay Report: "Joy To The World"

"Joy To The World" is considered a Christmas song, but its lyrics aren't specificly descriptive of Christ's first coming to this world. The songwriter was trying to convey the joy that comes with knowing that Jesus Christ is Sovereign over the entire earth, that He rules by the standard of truth. If a person knows this, he can rest assured that, no matter what circumstances in life he faces, everything happens according to God's will or permission, and that He will work everything together according to that will. A person who doesn't have this assurance lives in fear because he doesn't know what will happen or how things will turn out, and to him everything it put up to chance, rather than the will of God who controls everything. A Christian should have great comfort and rejoicing knowing that Jesus Christ is on the throne, watching over His children with care.

• 11/09/09 •