One year later…

It was dark. A woman stood near stone wall surrounding the hilltop estate clutching a small bundle. She wore a black cloak with the hood pulled up, covering her face. Her body language made it clear that she was a bit on edge. She kept looking around as if she was waiting for someone or something.

"Ileea?" a voice asked as a silver-haired woman appeared in the darkness beside her.

"Akira, it's been a while," she replied quietly, seeming to hold the bundle a little tighter. "I'm glad you were able to come."

"It's not like I really have much of a social life anymore," Akira commented wryly.

Ileea smiled slightly, but it was short lived. "Did you tell your father about what happened?" she asked.

Akira nodded slowly. "All that he needed to know. He doesn't deal with this kind of thing very well, you know, the whole magical, supernatural deal."

"How did he react when he saw you?"

"Well, he didn't actually see me," Akira explained. "I decided the shock would be too much for him so I wrote him a letter and put it where I knew he would see it."

"What did the letter say?" Ileea asked, biting her lip slightly.

"The very littlest I could tell him. That Lance and I got involved with some bad things and that he wouldn't see either of us again." She shook her head. "I didn't have the heart to tell him what happened to Lance."

"Understandable," Ileea replied quietly.

"Now, what was it you wanted to see me about?" Akira asked.

"Well, I wanted to know if you…I have something I need to show you."

Ileea gently lifted part of the blanket the bundle was wrapped in to reveal the face of a sleeping infant.

Akira stared in wonder. "Is this…what I think it is?" she asked, looking up at Ileea. She had an odd gleam in her eyes, a sparkle that reminded Ileea of someone else.

Ileea nodded, looking down at the little face sleeping soundly in her arms. "Kyra Elaine," she said softly.

"She's beautiful," Akira breathed. "What are you going to do now?" she asked after a few moments of silence.

"The same thing I've always done. I can't stay here forever."

"Isn't that a bit…dangerous?"

"I've known no other life; I couldn't do anything else if I tried."

"And Kyra?"

Ileea took a deep breath. "Comes with me. I'll take it easy for a few years; I have enough saved that I shouldn't have too much trouble, maybe an odd job here and there to stay in practice. When the time comes, I'll teach her everything I know."

"Just be sure she doesn't come after me if we cross paths again," Akira said, smirking slightly.

A hint of a smile appeared on Ileea's face. "I'll just tell her to stay away from pesky silver-haired vampires. Sometimes they're more trouble than they're worth."

"Glad to see you've developed a sense of humor."

Ileea shrugged. "Things change. Sometimes it's the only way I can keep myself going. It's been hard."

Akira nodded understandingly. "If there's anything you ever need, know that I'm only a heartbeat away. I've gotten the knack for this bond thing. I'll be able to find you."


The infant began to stir. She let out a big yawn and opened her clear, blue eyes to meet the starry darkness.

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