It started as these things often do, on a day that seemed unextraordinary. She rose from her bed still feeling exhasted and threw herself in the shower. She stood in the steam and contemplated the full day ahead of her.
Her morning routine continued as normal, with a thrown-together breakfast and a fairly boring outfit. She arrived at school and walked to the back corner of the library where her friends met. And the first person she saw was him.
He was sitting at a table with his back to her approaching figure, bent over over his biology homework. He lifted his eyes occasionally and engaged someone in conversation, but mostly just worked. The first to notice her as she walked shouted her name, causing a chain reaction of welcomes. His head twisted around to smile at her and he waved. She smiled and softly laughed, waving back. He went back to his homework and she walked to the other side of the table to talk to other people. But her eyes, without her permission, drifted back to him, stealing glances of his pleasant face. This small exchanged and these resulting looks tore her heart even further in two. He had led her on, using an arsenal of smiles, eye contact, compliments, and lingering affection, only to crush her trust in him. Now the affection and enthusiasm remained, but her infatuation was slowly dying, engaged in a battle with her will.
He said he wasn't ready for a relationship, didn't know how to be in one, didn't know her well enough. But she knew better. She knew these words were empty and meaningless, supposed to give him a clean break covered in a shining veneer of chivalry. Her conversations with other was cut short as the bell rang. Everyone stood and threw their backpacks over their shoulders, slumping off to class. His eyes connected with hers, but he said nothing, his mouth upturned at the corners as always.
She didn't smile back. Turning to the door, she just walked away, pondering the symbolim of that thoughtless movement. 'I won't smile back,' she thought. 'I won't pretend anymore. I won't let my heart be destroyed by one boy who really isn't that special in the grand scheme of things.' Now she grinned, self-determination lifting the weight of the world from her shoulders.
Her step felt lighter, more buoyant. In second hour, a friend commented on her good mood and bright smile. His eyes lit up as he observed her shining effervescently, as she used to before this new guy got her down. He felt his heart fill up as he fell just a little more in love.
Over the next few weeks, he became even more attentive and affectionate, trying to win her attention. She barely noticed, until one day, it hit her. It was a heavy realization, one that would change her life indefinitely. She had fallen for her best friend. Indecision held her in its grips. Should she tell him? Would it ruin everything? Does he love her too? Eventually she gathered her wits about her and confessed.
And they never looked back.