I'm going to fucking cut myself
down the river & across the street.
Go ahead Devon, make her scream
until she drowns out the sounds of
my crying,
the ambient noise of my suicide.
(For some stupid reason I thought
I could actually trust you with her.
Who was I kidding?
I knew this was wrong
from the very beginning.)
She's more beautiful than I could
ever be,
she shines more radiantly than
the black coal of my soul could ever burn.
Go ahead Devon, make her scream
your name
in the middle of the night,
let her call you by my names for you
and let her run her fingers through
your hair.
Go ahead Devon, make her scream.
She wants you so bad,
so much more than I ever needed you.

a/n: She was my best friend.
I can't believe I trusted you to be "just friends."
So go ahead Devon, fuck her until you can't fucking remember me.

& If you read this, you little cunt sucking whore, I hope it made you cry.
Because if you could feel for one second the pain I've felt for the last two years,
then maybe you'd understand.
Stay the fuck away from him.