The Way People Are

Isn't it funny that when something negative happens to you, everyone starts giving you attention? When you are in the slightest foul mood, they are inquiring you about what was so awful that put you in that mood and why. It is absolutely frustratingly just plain annoying when they do this. It just ticks you off even more. They didn't give you the time of day when you felt alright, so why bother when you are not in the mood?

It's just funny how people work.

When you are cheerful and bubbly and are in a good mood, they don't give a damn. Once you do not keep up this demeanour, they suspect that something is wrong. They start bothering and pestering you like the plague, trying to get it out of you. But how do you tell them? How do you let them know that they are the reason?

That's the thing. You don't.

You can't tell them that they are the reason that you are always pissed off now. It would just be too mean. Even though you don't care what they think, it would be inconsiderate of you to not think how they would feel if you told them.

So you remain silent… and moody. You just remain pissed off 24/7 for no apparent reason. You shut everyone out as they just don't understand. It is just more easy and convenient that way. They didn't care about you when you were okay. Why let them now when you're not?