See No Evil

I've seen him before, not that he's hard to miss.

I saw that he was different whether it be the white stick in his hands or the way he smiles at everyone even if he's not exactly sure.

I remember that he held the door open for me, I still don't know if he heard me or just guessed I was there.

I watch him to make sure he won't collide with anything, with anyone else I would have just strode away but with him I hang back and wait to see that he gets at least to the locker room.

I always look at his picture in band and wonder what it's like to be him.

Wonder what it would be like to not be able to read music, to not be able to enjoy the written words, detailed pictures, or draw and know for sure what others see.

Wonder what it would be like to just sit some where and hear things that most people can't.

I guilty try to be silent when around him, my breath is light and shallow, and my steps are quiet. I even advert my eyes so he won't sense me there.

Most people I have to stealthy observe but with him, I could sit for hours absolutely still and he would never know I was there.

I wish we could switch places for just a day so that he could see what I do and I could see what he does.

But I won't.

I won't say anything except 'Thank you,' and 'Excuse me'.

I feel bad for him even though I know that he probably has a fine life.

Perhaps he sits at home sometimes and wonders what it's like to have that sense.

Perhaps he wishes to switch places with someone for just one day, just to see what it's like.

But then it would be like showing a starving man a huge feast then sending him back to starve.

He would be satisfied for a few days, weeks maybe, possibly even months but then the thirst for more would come back.

Only he would be unable to quench that thirst.

Unable to switch again.

Would he hate himself afterwards?

Would he hate how he was if he knew what the other side sees?

I wouldn't want that.

I wouldn't want someone to realize what they have lost even if it isn't exceptionally important.

I wouldn't want someone to feel blind.