Chapter One

It was dark as she ran through the tunnels, she didn't know how she was there, or why. She ran into a small, dimly lit room, there were mirrors all around except for in one corner where the mirrors had been shattered and it was dark. She could barely tell he was there, but she knew he was. She looked in the mirror and saw the very thing she had been running from staring back at her. Her eyes looked unnatural, they weren't her eyes; they were the eyes of something from nightmares, something from stories told in the dark and movies watched when you were meant to be tucked safely into your bed, the eyes of a demon, a terrible monsters eyes.

She was talking to herself, completely hysterical. He paid little attention, as he had heard it all before from the others. It wasn't too late to save her, but he hadn't been able to help any of the ones that had come before her there, he felt that if he ignored them he wouldn't have to become emotionally involved. His fears and pain had begun to darken his soul as well, he knew. Just as theirs had. This place they were in doomed them, it was an evil place where they would become the monsters that were hidden in the deepest parts of their souls. Soon their souls would only hold darkness.

"What do I do? How do I stop it?" She pleaded, "Please tell me how to escape this terrible place!"

He lifted his head a bit so he could see her. He was startled when his eyes met hers and he realized that she was looking directly at him, sobbing and begging for his help. None of the others had even acknowledged that he was there, they were too busy crying about themselves in the mirror, and when he had tried to help them, they would not trust him. They feared him. She sniffled in the silence that had surrounded them, he seemed to be thinking about helping her and she hoped he would. He rose from the floor, then; shards from the broken mirror falling off his clothes. "You really want my help?" half of his face was still hidden, the half that they had beaten, cut, and burnt when he was in the cage.

"Yes! Oh yes please!" she gazed at him, and he knew that she could still only see the normal part of his face, "If you know how to get out of here please tell me!"

"You need me." He took a deep breath, knowing that he needed her help just as much and that she as probably going to be his last hope of ever getting out of there. He stepped out of the shadows, "The door can only be opened by two people who trust each other. Will you trust me?" He could see the fear in her eyes and in the way she stood, ready to defend herself yet she was so weak with fear that she might collapse at any time.

One side of his face was beautiful, absolute perfection, as the son of a king's face should look; but on the other side were terrible cuts and scars, it looked like some of the skin had been burnt away, it disgusted her to see it, but the most fearful part was the way instead of having a crystal blue eye to match his other one, the eye on that side of his face was dark and red like hers had been in the mirror. She looked to the other side of his face, his expression was pure and kind, tinged with sadness. "If you know a way out..." she choked and stuttered, "If the way out is trust..." She looked at the red eye again, it seemed to be smirking at her, watching her struggle, "I can't make myself trust you... but I will try if it means getting out of here."

"Just as I can't make you believe that I'm not going to hurt you," He sighed, at least she hadn't run away, "But what other choice do you have?" He smiled lightly, knowing that the way he had said that made him sound amused and evil, "to tell you the truth down here we are both going to become something evil, something to torture the next group of people that get sent down here. We have to get out, and we can only do that through trust."

"Okay..." She looked at his face, ignoring the parts that scared her, focusing on his left eye, reminding herself that she wasn't exactly looking like an angel anymore either. "I trust you."

"Good." He grabbed a lantern off the wall, he didn't need it, since he had been able to see in the dark for awhile then, but he figured she probably would need to see where they were going, too. "It's this way," He said, heading into a new corridor, "We have to hurry, these tunnels are long, its a big maze... I'd estimate its about a five day travel and you only have a few days left."

"A few days until what? What's going to happen to me?" She said, catching up with him but staying a few feet back.

"Your soul becomes completely dark, void of any good and you become a demon that will be trapped down here for eternity." He frowned, "You will probably just add on the scare, daunting the other unfortunates that bastard puts down here in his little game." She was surprised at the disgust in his voice.

"What bastard?" She asked, following him into a wider part of the corridor.

"The one that throws people down here?" He replied, "He takes groups of three to five humans and locks them down in these tunnels where their darkest feelings become magnified and cause them to become monsters that haunt the next group."

"How is it that you know all of this?"

"He held me captive for a few weeks while he 'collected' my teammates." He grimaced, she wondered what the guilt in his voice was, "I was the first, I heard things, they kept me in a cage and tortured me through the bars. I was huddled against a wall, if you were wondering, it might help you understand and trust me. That's the reason my face is messed up. The other half was against the wall."

"Does it hurt?"

"No, but the door numbs it, so it probably would... the scars are all over the right side of my body..." he smiled, "The door makes me feel normal for about two weeks..."

"How long have you been down here?" She asked, "And how do you even count days in this place?"

"There is a calendar beside the door, where the people who are supposed to die are marked down. When the next team comes in... you must be from the January team."

"You skipped my first question."

"You ask too many questions to expect to receive answers for all of them," He smirked, " besides we need to stop chatting and speed up if you want to make it in time."

"I;m sorry!" She ran up beside him, "Will you keep talking though? The silence of this place creeps me out so much."

"How long has it been?" She wiped the sleep out of her eyes. Since he had told her she asked too many questions she decided to just listen as he talked. He told her his story about how his dad was the lord of the mountain demon tribes, which still existed, and his father found it great fun to play games with mortal humans so he had built this maze. He was there because his mother had been a mortal, so his father kept him caged for weeks as he completed the 'game; that this maze represented. He told about how he lived in the tunnels for almost six months, surviving by using the door's power to feed his own.

"We just passed the two day mark, when I go my normal lazy pace that would have been two days, but we're a bit rushed so I'd say we've been traveling for about thirty-four hours."

"Okay..." Her voice was fading and he knew that she was exhausted. Usually in the tunnels that took about three days, and judging by how long the others had lasted she had about two days left. He set the lantern down.

"I'm sorry," she cried, "we can't stop... I can keep going."

"From here on I will carry you to make better time," He said stiffly, "By time you wake up we will be at the exit, get on my back."

She woke to the sound of someone moving around, and rustling noises. She opened her eyes and saw him holding a paper bag. "Is this it?" she mumbled, looking around. There was alight glow to everything in the small room and she could feel nothing. "Oh no! Are we dead?" she stood up startled and turned around, she had been leaning against a great shimmering door. She saw the date was marked January 12th on a calendar to the left of the door. On that day it said she would die. He looked over and saw he looking at the calendar, concluding by the look on her face that her name was Kaye, the name written under his.

"Kaye, don't worry." He turned away from the calendar, "We aren't going to die just because some calendar says so." She had not realized that he was the other person written there.

"Samael?" she whispered tentatively, he smiled.


"I hadn't even realized that we didn't tell each other our names.."

"Well I guess in our situation they don't really matter." He concluded.

"Yeah but I asked you all that other stuff and you told me all about what was going on down here and how you were a part of it... and I didn't even know your name..."

"Well I didn't know yours either, they really don't matter."

Samael, she thought, where had she heard that name before? She bit her lip, he thought it was because of the prediction on the calendar.

"Look, we can stay here tonight, since there isn't really a time limit anymore, there is nothing worse down here than what we have seen and the demons wont come into this space, the light from the door scares them. We are perfectly safe. The calendar is wrong."