Chapter Three

"Samael..." The voices echoed inside of his head, many voices forming one. Slowly they said his name, as if they were breathing it, "What do you choose? Will the girl live or die?"

"Live." Samael said quickly. Nothing happened.

"Why is it, do you think, that the girl has not chosen yet?" The voice swirled around, pitch and volume rising and falling, making Samael feel dizzy. This is like the equivalent of a really really bad headache, he thought and was surprised to hear his own voice mix into the others. "And what do you think she thinks of you?" The voice changed, it was a woman's voice and the tone was oh so very seductive, "All she sees is your horrible scars! But I see more than that! In fact, if you sacrifice her life, then I will make you into the handsome son of the king that you used to be!"

Why hasn't she chosen? He wondered, but shook the thought from his head, "I don't want that! I told you that I choose for her to live!" His voice yelled, he couldn't tell if she could hear him, but he wanted to be loud enough that she would. So that she would know that he hadn't abandoned her.

"Are you sure? What did you say you want?" The voice sounded grossly sweet. Samael pushed his doubts of Kaye out of his mind.

"I want her to live!" He yelled and opened his eyes.

She opened her eyes too, her mouth was open as if she had been speaking... but he hadn't heard her.

They watched as the door swung open, their papers fell from their keepings. Samael picked his up, before the words that he had originally seen were the words Kaye had read. Beneath them her new words, the ink still looked wet, "Congratulations, because of your trust in each other and your ability to act in a selfless manner, you are given the key to your freedom." They read together in whispers, then peered out the door into a cavernous room, empty but for a red carpet leading from their door to the outside.

Kaye took a deep, slow breath.

"Ready?" Samael asked her, she shook her head. "Why not?"

"I'm afraid."

"Of what?" he asked, bumping his hand against hers lightly so that if she did not take it, it could be seen as an accident.

"I'm afraid that we made it this far, but we wont make it to there... and once we leave here something will be wrong..." She said, slowly moving her hand into his as she spoke and feeling better as he tightened his grip. "I'm afraid to hope."

"Well you shouldn't be, and we have to take a chance or we won't have a chance at all... we only have a small amount of time..."

"Lets run," she said,her hand firmly around his, and his around hers. Together. He nodded his agreement, taking a deep breath and they passed through the door running, chasing their freedom.

And that's... The End!