It took me way too long to do this.

About sixth months ago, I started a 100 Days of Writing Challenge, in which I would've written one hundred short stories over the summer. Charlie and Amy appeared in the first one I wrote, and I immediately started planning more for them. The challenge only lasted two days, but I didn't forget about Charlie and Amy, and today when I used them for an assignment for an after-school group I'm involved in, I was inspired to give them their own series.

Here's a slightly edited version of that very first story. This time there WILL be more to follow, I promise!

Charlie and Amy Make Up

Charlie tentatively walked up the front steps, trying his best to be as quiet as possible. The longer Amy thought he was still at work, the better.

The couple had suffered through many arguments during their relationship, so Charlie was somewhat accustomed to this routine, but he knew this particular fight was different; this one was entirely his fault. He knew it wasn't smart to tell Amy that the outfit she'd chosen that day made her look "a little frumpy", but he said it anyway. He knew it wasn't smart to attempt to turn "frumpy" into a compliment, but he tried it anyway. And he knew it was practically a death sentence to leave the house while Amy was in the middle of a very angry sentence, but he stormed right out anyway, leaving Amy with eight hours to think about how much she hated him.

Charlie could've easily avoided the tense walk up to the front door by calling Amy from work and apologizing, but he knew that an admission of his stupidity would only give Amy an excuse to make him feel even guiltier. Of course, not apologizing would only make her angrier. The way Charlie saw it, there was only one way that he could get out of the messy situation unscathed.

With a deep breath, Charlie slowly opened the front door of his home and stepped inside. As expected, Amy was waiting for him. "There you are!" she shouted. "I have so much to say to you, I don't even know where to—"

Before Amy could finish her sentence, Charlie pulled her into him and kissed her hard on the mouth. "Is that a good place to start?"

Without another word, Amy dragged her husband into the bedroom.