I'll admit that this isn't the greatest thing I've ever written, but I wanted to get something cute and Christmassy out before the holiday, and I'm not very good at not procrastinating. I hope everyone enjoys it anyway.

Happy holidays! :)

Charlie's Christmas Cookies

Because he grew up with four older sisters, Charlie loved baking, especially during the holidays. On the morning of Christmas Eve, he woke up bright and early to get a head start on some gingerbread men. He spent hours decorating them; one dressed up as Santa Claus, another as an elf, some dressed as his friends and family. This year, he worked extra hard creating an Amy cookie.

He frosted a green dress with white polka dots and a pair of strappy white sandals, one of his wife's favorite outfits. Two blue circles were dabbed on her face for eyes, with two carefully placed black dots for pupils. Her smile was drawn with incredible care and control, as were the two white bracelets on her wrists. Charlie even made his own icing to get the proper shade of red for Amy's hair.

The cookie was done by the time Amy woke up. As she entered the kitchen and moved towards the coffee pot, which was already full thanks to her husband, Charlie beamed with pride and showed her the cookie. "I spent all morning on it," he told her. "Pretty good, isn't it?"

Charlie knew that asking for a critique was a mistake as soon as he saw the look on Amy's face. "God, you made the coffee and you baked this morning? Grow some balls, Charlie."

Amy left the kitchen with her coffee, while Charlie lifted the Amy cookie to his lips and bit off its head.