Crisp fallen leaves

Painting a roiling ocean sunset on solid ground

(They never stop swirling)

A dusty trail

Of footprints imprinted in cement

(Will they ever erode?)

An empty alleyway

Packed full of memories

(Must I be reminded)

Beautiful eyes

That turned away so long ago

(From me? Or from what you feared?)

An old faded book

Overflowing with pent up emotion

Emotion that wasn't intentionally triggered

(Yet was triggered nonetheless)

Looking back

It wasn't that great

(At least I don't think)

But the mind's eye

Can always be deceived

(Then again, so can the heart)

Are the leaves that metaphoric?

(I'm not quite certain)

Were the footprints that dear to you?

(Perhaps not)

Does that alleyway really hold so much?

(No, it's empty, remember?)

Were the eyes so devastatingly beautiful?

(I think not)

The emotion is there

(That I cannot argue)

But, looking back

(Why look back?)

It couldn't have gone much better