As I sit in the bloodied grass
I watch the red sky
and the black sun
I pick myself up and dust myself off
It's time to meet you again

It's been seven years since I've left you
To ruin this world as you see fit
I clutch my heart that's molded to yours
Running to the Rapture in which you rest

I've seen angels die before me
And devils laid to rest
In a battlefield that's too cruel for death
Yet to see your Rapture in full form
Where angels grow to battle
and devils flee from death
Is such a terrifying sight
I feel anxiety pulse with excitement
The demons growing beneath my skin
Rage to become free

I'm diving head first
Into a battle that I'm unfamiliar
In a war that I couldn't keep
From becoming a part of my life
I might win but I won't lay down again
Until you're laid to rest

I'm holding the knife you twisted in my back
I swear as long as this stale blood sits
I'll carve fear into your lips and
Life into your Rapture
I swear that you'll eyes will trace the sky
And you'll feel every inch of this world you ruined
Before I bury you underneath your sins

I've come to the place where we met
With tears in our eyes, and dreams in our hearts
I bestowed upon you our faith together
And with the rotting, corrosive death
Disfiguring and destroying what we both built
I freeze in fear and excitement
The being you've become

I want to bring an end to the end
And an end to you, and as I lay my eyes on you
How wicked you are, how beautiful you've become
How you've fallen, a goddess without grace
The heart that beats within me feels only the you you were
And fear shatters my will, but
You and I will bring apocalypse tonight

I'm diving heart first
Into a battle I can't win
In a war that won't end
And I'm afraid to lose
But I always knew
I'd never have a fighting chance
As soon as I laid my eyes on you

As you rise, your wings pushing air
My body goes numb, as I stand in place
I have no intention to die alone
I plan on going to hell and taking you with me

So in our final act, the curtains rise
And lunar light falls on us
So sick and so sweet
I hope you're ready to die, because
I had to kill my hope to kill you