When life gives you lemons . . . you'd better hide them or the straight boys will get them.

Joshua bit his lip, focusing intently on the words on his computer screen.

Damos lovingly stroked the mortal's cock, bringing him to full erection.

Joshua's hand slipped over the edge of the computer desk. He brushed his fingers up and down his thigh, picturing a smirking, blue-eyed, dark-haired demigod stroking his thigh as he read.

Porthos could not hold back a moan as Damos ran his tongue lightly over the head of his member.

Joshua palmed himself through his jeans, scrolling down the page with his free hand. He leaned back slightly in his chair, slipping his fingers into his waistband to brush them softly over his skin.

"Damos," Porthos whimpered, tugging on the demigod's silken hair.

"Damos," Joshua murmured.

"Gods, I want you inside me,"

Porthos' body arched as he felt the demigod's finger press into him. "Ahh, Damos,"

A knock on the door startled Joshua. He frantically pulled his hand out of his pants and scrabbled for the computer mouse, clicking out of the window just as his door opened.

"Hey, Joshi, what'cha doing?"

He turned to find his best friend, Carter, standing in his doorway. Joshua couldn't control the blush that painted his cheeks. He tried to pretend Carter hadn't just been starring in his fantasy in the role of Damos.

"Nothing, just reading the stupid Biology assignment." Joshua looked away from Carter's piercing blue eyes.

"Cool." Carter didn't sound totally convinced, but he settled onto the end of Joshua's bed without asking.

Joshua looked back at his computer screen, trying to banish the picture of a toga-clad Carter finger-banging him from his mind. It didn't really work.

He silently cursed his best friend. He wanted to know how the chapter ended. He had been waiting almost a week for MCatthews – his favorite slash author – to update "Mortal Claim" and Carter had to barge in and ruin it. And he couldn't even fantasize about the dreamy demigod with his straight best friend in the room. It felt . . . dirty.

Joshua sighed.


He turned. Carter's eyebrows were raised. "Huh?"

"Thought you asked me to help you study."

"Right." Joshua fervently hoped his lingering hard-on wasn't as noticeable as it felt as he settled next to Carter on the bed.

Carter jumped right into their math lesson, trying to get Joshua to grasp the concept. Joshua tried to keep himself from staring at his friend. Carter's gestures, Carter's somber blue eyes, the sliver of Carter's chest he could see above his shirt collar . . . They all seemed much more important –or at the very least, more interesting - than whatever concept his friend was trying to covey.