A/N - I know FP rules say no Author's Notes as whole chapters. Screw FP. I have three reasons why I am writing this particular Author's Note in such a peculiar manner and placement:

Uno - I did not want to leave you guys hanging.

Dos – I think this offers some closure (at least for me).

Pizza – If I didn't write this Author's Note, I wouldn't be able to do it.

Do what, you ask? Well, unfortunately, I'm killing my boys. All of them. Even Gavin and he's already dead.

WTF, you ask? A combination of recent events – including, but not limited to: my GPA dropping, becoming somewhat estranged from my best friend, my dad monitoring my laptop internet activity and discovering online I'm a hardcore fag-hag, which thing he never had supposed, and realizing how detrimental and all-encompassing my addiction to "gaiety" has recently become – has forced me to come to the conclusion that I need to stop writing glorified gay porn.

And that has what to do with massacring perfectly good characters, you ask? Well . . . long story somewhat sorter, I'm a writer at my very core and once I have birthed a character, they are like an open vein and I have to keep writing, but I can't keep writing these characters so I must cauterize the vein, so-to-speak. I am sad that I don't get to finish these boys' stories, and even sadder that I don't get to write the characters that were only ever twinkles in my eye and never got to be words on a page.

Thank you, guys, for making me feel loved and talented and all that shiny, happy crap. Thanks for reviews and for love and for cookies – specially Fang and Chronically Creative and all the others who carried over from Materials Needed to my other stories.

*Sighs* "Here goes nothing." *Lines up boys* *Closes eyes* "Ready, Aim . . ." *Gives the order*