Hey, You Racist!

Many public school teachers has been labeled racist more than once in their career, even if the teacher in question is not racist or prejudice. Also, the citizens in the United States who does not agree with President Obama are being rapidly labeled racist by many individuals, and in many cases many are disliking OBAMA because of his socialist agenda. Many also call people racist for reasons of their own, over small conflicts and nonracial reasons. The fact that one is white or simply a different race, many times in society signifies that the conflict must be the others fault, because the other person must discriminate against him for his skin color. The word racist is not even analyzed or considered as people are quite desperate to find a scapegoat. In present day America, it is the other person, because they are racist. It is incorrect to be so fast to judge since the other person might not be racist, and in these situations racism isn't quite a logical answer. Randomly tossing the word racist around is not only devaluing the word, but also causes Ammericans of today to generally not take the case of racism seriously. It becomes somewhat of a joke, and a miss used phrase that is no longer considered as important. This is not what we want racism to become. Another typical problem is that people use the word simply because it sounds cool as any name calling would, so they use it as a tool without knowing what is realistically at the end of it. A cause of this is the confusion people have with what racist means, and therefore vastly misuses it. One misconception is that racism is the same as stereotyping. People would use it as a stereotype instead of using it seriously. To be racist one would have to have a hatred for a scertain race, and discriminate against people of that race to be racist, however today, some relatively small cases of stereotyping could be considered racism and discriminatory. The case of racism has been significantly decreased however you may still see it in society with blatant examples. Despite the slight decrease of racism there seems to be more racism, because of the increased misunderstanding of the word and when it is an appropriate label.