The Golden Banner

Declaring War Upon The Terrorist Goons by Rachel

Edited by Demeetrious Gregson

Do you like it when you open your day with the great news that your problemms would finally be solved, that your enemy is actually going to be fought, and terror is no longer being unchallenged. "It is time to act and act quickly. We are in danger of being attacked on our own soil by Spain. We can't know what they are planning, but we do know that they are malicious. The whole ordeal with the ship blowing up just shows you how awful it could be," stated Jeff Taylor a resident of Moristown New Jersey. It is a very lucky day for many as the president yesterday officially has opened HOSTILITIES and has declared war on arrogant Terrorizing spaniards. They so cruelly attack an american the American vessel. It is about time that spain the moronic culture it is, is put down for good. It is time for us to retaliate and protect ourselves. "Yes, I do think that it is time to protect ourselves. The ship was blown up in cuba. That is an attack on America. America shouldn't just be stationary and helpless. We should fight back and retaliate. It is time to show them how strong and great we are and how evil and prideful they are, while not being that capable." Stated Percilla Aceton a resident of New York City.

Today the president sent out our brilliant troops to defeat these monsters. These dogs aren't any good, they have a very weak navy and we had many victories over them, because of their weakness. We are the world leaders and they are our number one destroyers.