The group spirit mechanism

Author's note: This was a school article. I wrote this because I couldn't comprehensively do it in 300 words to start off with, so enjoy. This version has more wit in it. Also, I must say I highly disagree with the below statements. If you agree and you wish to debate about it put it in your reviews. I heard a lot about this already and would really want to see more reasoning in reviews than anything if you choose to agree.

There are many different various denotations of the word spirit such as an alcoholic drink, a sole in someones body, a ghost, or the attitude represented as the group's attitude as a whole. In this case, we are using the word spirit as a term for the general attitude of the group. Group spirit is based on a collective philosophy, so to understand how one must have group spirit one must know the philosophy behind the attitude. The colectivist philosophy or any of the philosophies that utilizes collectivist philosophy such as Marxism and Kantianism, does not give great consideration or recognition to a specific individual. It counts the whole entity such as government, a team, school, institution, or organization as one. It doesn't matter how many people are in the group, there could be three or a hundred thousand, but no matter what, it'll still be one entity. If one is part of a group one can not stand alone. The person has to fit into the puzzle with the group, and play as a team member. An individual must not focus on his own needs, but the needs of others. As Marx pointed out "To each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." One must work hard for the team, but take only what is needed from the team. The things you receive from the team must not be an award based on achievement, because that is greed. The team building spirit is based on such a theory.

At school the main concentration is esentially the mood and the support towards the school. "We don't teach Johny how to read, we teach johny." It is no longer the work, work ethics, and individual success as in the old times. If one works really hard for himself and is the smartest person in the school he might be recognized as a good student, but not for a good school spirit. As the school spirit is all about the noise, enthusiasm, friendliness, popularity, and team player attitude, that is what counts. As being the spirit of the collective one must be a good player, and act the best and loudest in cheering. One must do it willingly and as a duty as you are in the group and is absolutely required of you. It is a duty and should be done as a good will to your school. It is considered good to act as the majority acts. The collective spirit is based on not how well you can be yourself, but how well you can represent the collective. You must forget your selfish desires in the process as one should feel as a group and not care about such small things as an individual, because after all the majority rules. No one cares if one is happy, but rather the collective looks good and is happy as a majority. After all, one can't make the whole group happy, so he must make the majority happy. Freedom is achieved if you work for the collective selflessly and is not a right, but rather a privilege. You must cheer the loudest, win by the best tactics, serve the school student body in the best way, be the most encouraging, and act very enthusiastic. All of this you must do selflessly and in a happy way.

This is school spirit and this also applies to team spirit.