the Song of No Angel

She was dragged through the water and lifted into the night sky,
but God said "wait" and the angels stopped, leaving her wings out to dry.
Tell me, Lover, did you forget the sound of the bell?
It'll ring forever, my song to tell.
And the sigh of blood as it leaps through the air
Her dance is on ice and her eyes have no energy with which to care.
God watches her spinning and sends for the End
The wings are dry, now only her memory is left to mend,
and God sends her off into the moon
the cries of darkness knowing she'll be back no time soon.

Prior, she had fallen, starlight whipped from her skin
leaving her barren and naked, amusement for someone else's whim.
"Save yourself," God begged and many hands tried to help
She found the starlight and missed the things she had once felt
and... was gone, forever missing, and if God wept then she screamed
the Lover reached and could not breach her dreams
the bell tolled once and crashed to the floor
Her wings fluttered to life and into the sky her shrouded form tore.
the Lover held her down and she crashed into the sea
Cycles of life lost as the angels sought to set her Free

God wept no more, and she sang backwards into the night.