Curiosity killed the cat, it's a dried up old saying. What if what one was curious for was worth the murder? There is an undying urge flowing through my veins and pushing against the walls of my skin. At night it wakes me, tormenting the ends of my soul. It is fear. I know there is something under the bed that should not be there. Maybe it's just a mouse and I am being extremely paranoid. Yes, that's it I am being paranoid. Then why do I hear someone else's breaths? That's it Kotoko…it's your bed you can look under it.

An odd silence lingered in the room causing sweat to drip from Kotoko's body. Deeply she inhaled then hung herself over the bed. Gradually the girl lifted the comforter to find nothing but darkness. Nervous giggles turned into a calm laugh. Just to be safe she threw one of her stuffed animals into the void. Nothing happened so she tried it one more time with the biggest teddy bear she had. Pleased with the results, Kotoko crawled under the covers and closed her eyes. A loud growl rumbled the frame of her bed and she shot up. She scrambled to edge and peeked to find two golden eyes staring back at her.


A tall dripping wet creature covered her mouth and demanded she "put a sock in it." His fairy wings flapped anxiously. Once he realized the girl was going to be silent he removed his hand.

"You are going to get the both of us killed."

Liquor was hot on his breath; blood dripping from his short black hair. Swiftly he yanked the girl under the bed with him so that they could talk face to face.

"I need a place to stay. I like it under your bed. You let me stay here and I will give you many riches."

"I don't care about riches—"

"What sort of woman are you?" He inquired, sniffing her hair.

"Stop that! You are bleeding; let me get you some bandages."

"Oh that's nothing; it will heal on its own. If you want to get me something…how about getting me some food?"

"Sure, if it will help." Kotoko sighed, running downstairs to the kitchen.

Where did my fear go to? There is something about his voice warm and raspy and deep, just like a father's would be. Ugh…what am I talking about, fathers are no good. They marry someone, knock them up, and leave. Father left Kotoko and Mom without even so much as giving a good-bye.

The young girl returned to the bedroom with a large bowl of leftover beef stir-fry. The fairy grabbed it from her then poured all the poorly cooked food into his mouth. He let out a burp that shook the entire room. Shocked the girl took two steps back and tried to close her jaw.

"Thank you for your kindness. I never caught your name little Miss."

"My name is Tanaka Kotoko. And yours?"

"The name is Crow. Nice to meet you little lady. Well I think it is about time we leave." He informed, brushing dirt from his pants.

"Leave…I can't—"

" I can't fight in this state and you're just a human. The guards...i can smell them drawing near. I'll bring you back in morning before your mom gets home, but in the meantime we need to get to safety." Crow explained, putting the girl on his back.

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