Chips of wood flew from the steps as Crow's bear feet made brutal contact them. In one shove he pushed the door completely down. The clapping of his feet hitting the wet pavement echoed throughout the neighborhood. Grunting the fairy flapped his wings with all his strength, accidentally hitting the sides of the human riding him. All Kotoko could manage to do was hang on tightly to the foreign creature. She looked down to find that his feet were no longer on solid ground. The girl fastened her legs around his waist and closed her eyes. Scowling, Crow spread out his arms and floated against the moist autumn air. From what he could smell, they had not gotten away scot free. His altitude decreased rapidly as he approached a body of water.

"Hold your breath for as long as you can little miss." The fairy instructed.

Kotoko took a deep breath just before he made a hasty nosedive into the ocean. Her hold loosened as the current attempted to pull them apart. She grabbed onto his shirt then his arm. Out of impulse she screamed losing all her breath in large bubbles. The girl squeezed her throat as her eyes started to roll back. Her body gently began to float upwards. Crow motioned to her and stretched out his hands. Remarkable lines of light shot from his wings and attached themselves to the girl's frame. They reeled her into to him and he pressed his lips against hers. Oxygen entered Kotoko's body quickly and her senses became aware of another's warmth. Calmly her eyes opened then widened in fear. She pushed the boy aside pointing out the horrendous beast behind him.

The creature had eyes all over its limbless body. It blinked sending blast of energy to kill the fairy. Crow grinned in satisfaction as he avoided the each blast with ease. Light sailed from his wings and pierced through the monster's main eye. The creature's lifeless corpse drifted to the ocean floor. Crow grabbed the human girl and swam into the dry atmosphere. There waiting was another similar being. Its eyes pinpointed the coughing human girl.

"I'm sorry but you're going to have to learn what it's like to sky dive girl."

Before she could protest, he swung her body round and round until they were only a blur. Kotoko tried to maintain the hold on his hand but suddenly lost her grip. Her body flew into the sky nearly reaching the clouds. Desperately she screamed for a savior as gravity pulled her downwards.

"Look what you've made me do you stupid mindless guard. You'll pay even more than your soul if she dies." Crow said, stretching out his hand. A large orb of fire circulated in his palm growing bigger ever seconded. Once it was of immense size, he shot the flames all over his enemy. The beast wailed in agony as the inferno charred away his vulnerable skin. All of his remaining raw flesh began to drop into the violent waters below.

As fast as possible the fairy fluttered just in time to catch the young girl. The appearance on her face caused him to chuckle. Shock caused her body to quiver uncontrollably. How is it she come to trust a stranger with her life?

"Are you okay…little Miss?"

"I want to go home!" Kotoko began to cry; her face turning red. With all her might she slammed her fist against the fairy's head.

It suddenly became clear how young the girl was. The pain of fear had taken full control over her senses. His grip tightened in order to keep hold over her writhing frame. In a low voice Crow started to hum to the girl, and then words formed in the tune of the lullaby.

Over the horizon, past the clouded skies

Lies the green old pasture of thy eyes

Please do not leave heaven

Stay a little while

And enjoy the untainted wines

Kotoko frowned up face lightened with each word. Sleep began to tug at her eyelids beckoning her to rest. A soft breeze whipped their wet clothes about and chilled them to the bones. She clung onto her mysterious savior just as she fell asleep.

"Night, little miss."

Clouds of dust began fly around an obese old fairy. Angrily she stomped around her study, while a miniature schnauzer wearing a bowtie followed. He went on and on about her two rebellious sons. All the fairy could do was groan in agony. With one good yank she tore down the shabby curtains of a long window. She pushed the window open only to see the inside of a cave; there was nothing but complete and utter darkness.

"What has happened to my homeland? Once we lived in a land of many wisterias…now half of my people are subjected to the shadows!"

"Your majesty…I think you should be more concerned with your twin boys! That damned Crane is going to take over our home. And Crow…that stupid drunkard can only help himself to a bar!"

"Please don't remind me! Both of my sons are pure evil there is no doubt of that." The woman wailed, falling face down to the floor. "Bickering is useless, Sir Kenton. It seems we will be forever locked inside this basement of disaster."

"Don't drop me!"

Kotoko screamed as she shot up from her slumber. She looked around while grabbing at her fast pulsating heart. Pink walls and stuffed animals everywhere, it was her room. Perhaps it had all been just a nightmare. Her nose began to wiggle before a head aching sneeze pushed its way out. A long green string fell from the top of her head, and then several more thicker strands fell.

"Ewe…what is this!? This can't be snot."Kotoko thought as she poked the substance twice. "It's seaweed. Where did—Crow. We were in the ocean. It wasn't just a dream…I wonder if he is still here." She peeked underneath her bed to see only a few more teddy bears. "He is gone."