"Hey, little brother," I said softly, as I wiped down the reflective surface of the name plate at the base of the angel statue. The statue was modeled after one of Kaoru's paintings. There was an angel holding a young man in his strong arms as he wrapped his wings around to shield the one he was holding. My fingertips traced lightly over the name of my twin brother, tears coming to my eyes even though I had meant to keep them to myself today. I knelt there staring at Kaoru's name, wishing I was talking to him instead of this stupid headstone.

"I know, I haven't been here often enough and you've probably been rather lonely. But everyone is still trying so hard to cope with you being gone. Ken-san actually left the dealing with of our mother up to the courts, instead of taking it into his own hands like he did with Dr. Gavor. You should have seen them when they finally caught up to mom and that psycho." I laughed a little to myself as I remembered all the cops and Kenichi's people as they surrounded the building they had been hiding in. "Mom was actually given a death sentence by the jury, for both the unlawful restraint and torture of you and I, and your murder. I still can't believe she tried to run you over with a car. Though I guess that even though she didn't hit you, she still accomplished her purpose. You're gone now."

I took a deep shuddering breath as I began to pull the weeds from the grass around the statue. "Akira opened up an art gallery for your drawings and paintings. Of course, Sanji-san wouldn't give up the two paintings you did just for him. I don't blame him though. He's been so out of sorts without you. He blames himself for not having been able to save you when your heart stopped, but I don't blame him, not anymore. It's hard to blame someone who loves you so much for not saving you. Hell, I'm as much to blame as he is, by not forcing you to go out that window alone before things got as bad as they did. I should have made you escape on your own that first night. I should have been the one who saved you, instead of cursing Sanji-san for letting you go.

"I still don't get it, Kaoru. How could you be so happy with life? Even after all of the horrible things that happened, the nightmares, the pain. You always found a way to be happy and smile. I guess its something else I should thank Sanji-san for. No matter what, you always radiated nothing but love whenever you saw him. I'd honestly give anything to see you smile again. We just didn't have enough time." I sighed softly and let the tears start to roll down my cheeks. It was no good holding them back, it only made my throat hurt and made it hard to talk to my brother.

"Sanji-san, he's tried so hard to be strong and to carry on, but he just seems so lost without you there. I often catch him crying when he's looking at the painting you finished that morning. He tells me he can still remember that night and that you had managed to capture it so perfectly. He'll say that he wishes he could have one more chance to see that look of pure love on your face when you look at him. He's stopped painting for everyone other than himself. He's picked up your angel theme now, except that instead of him being your angel, you're his." I rubbed my hands across my eyes, trying to quell the flow of tears as I began to choke up. Slowly, I pulled myself back to my feet, dusting off my jeans.

"I should get going, Kaoru. I promise that next time it won't take me so long to come and say hi. Maybe, I'll even be able to convince Sanji-san to come with me. Though, maybe not. If he came, he'd be even more forced to accept the fact that you aren't going to just come strolling in the front door like nothing ever happened. I even wish you'd do that sometimes. Oh! That reminds me, Ken-san asked me to bring this for you. He said that he'll bring you more the next time he has a chance to come out to visit," I said as I pulled the paintbrush and small tray from my back pocket. I set them down carefully in front of the marker, before turning my eyes to the sky that was quickly becoming grey. The rain was going to make it so much easier for Kaoru to use his favourite medium; water colours.