In the time before our kind came to be, before even the earth was made, there was sun father and moon mother.

In that time before measure, moon mother blazed as brightly as sun father as they danced in the endless ocean that became sky. For a long time, they were content in their solidarity, satisfied with drifting aimlessly together through the infinite expanse of sky. In time, however, and quite suddenly, sun father began to wonder if there were other beings like him and moon mother.

This line of thought distressed moon mother, and she asked sun father why he had begun to wonder such a strange thing. Sun father replied that he was simply curious, that he wondered what it would be like if he and moon mother were not alone. Soon after, moon mother began wondering the same, and so she and sun father began to search the empty sky for others like them.

Much time passed as moon mother and sun father searched and searched, yet never found another like them, growing discouraged and weary. As time passed by without measure, sun father and moon mother gave up and resumed their aimless drifting.

Discontent with their isolation, sun father again formed a new and strange idea. He began to wonder if he and moon mother could create others like them. Again, moon mother was hesitant at first, but again, she began wondering the same, and so she and sun father came together to create another, and thus was the earth born.

However, neither sun father nor moon mother foresaw the great cost creating the earth would exact, and when the both did realize, sun father pulled away, but it was too late for moon mother. The birthing of the earth greatly diminished moon mother, dimming her brilliance to but a pale hinting of what it was, and she fell into a deep and impenetrable slumber. Sun father, filled with remorse and guilt, hid away on the other side of the earth, unable to face the one he had abandoned.

As moon mother slowly recovered, sun father cared for the earth, granting the gifts of warmth, light, and fire. With is guidance, the earth, being both male and female, was able to bring forth life of its own in the shape of plants and animals. However, these first creations all perished for lack of sustenance, and the earth greatly mourned their loss.

Hearing the cries of here child, moon mother roused herself from her slumber and granted to the earth the gifts of water, air, and the means to measure time's passing. With moon mother's gift, the earth was at last able to sustain life of its own.

Many years passed uneventfully as moon mother and sun father watched over the earth. For a while, the earth was content with creating creatures of every shape and form conceivable, colored and drab, helpful and harmful. In time, however, the earth grew lonely and longed for an equal with which to share its creations. The earth beseeched sun father and moon mother to create for it a counterpart, and after much initial resistance, both sun father and moon mother relented and created the first of our kind.

The first of our kind was taller than the tallest mountain, broader than any river, as fair as sun father to look upon, and as kind as moon mother. Like the earth, the first of our kind was both male and female, but unlike the earth, the first of our kind could not bring forth children of its own.

However, although moon mother and sun father had been careful in their creating, and even though sun father had taken upon himself the brunt of the creating, moon mother had never fully recovered from the birthing of the earth and so diminished further, flickering in and out of existence.

Despite moon mother's plight, the earth and the first of our kind were happy. For many years, the first of our kind walked upon the earth, appreciating and tending to its sibling's creations. Unfortunately, the diminished state of mother moon had resulted in the first of our kind being mortal, and so the first of our kind grew old and died.

As moon mother shed tears that became stars, and as sun father flared with mournful anger, the earth heaved violently with grief as it desperately tried to breathe life back into the first of our kind. And though the earth failed to bring back its beloved sibling, it breathed enough life into the first of our kind's remains that the body fell apart. From the pieces scattered across the earth arose the first clan, male and female, to take the place of the first of our kind, their presence calming the earth and easing the grief of sun father and moon mother.

Thus was the world created.