The day the First One died was the day the First People were born. One hundred they were in number, springing fully-formed from the First One's body; fifty were of Moon Mother, giving unto being diminished; fifty were of Sun Father, shining unto being blinding. Of these First People, half were men and half women, each going their own ways, and this was good, for a time.

But like the First One, the First People were not ageless, and as the First People grew from child- to adult-hood, the Earth looked on with worry. When the First People died, would their bodies also give rise to a hundred more children? The thought pleased the Earth, until it recalled how diminished in size and ability the First People were compared to the First One. Would the children of the First People diminish in stature and skill with each successive generation? And would they continue to diminish until nothing of the First One was left?

The Earth feared so and consulted Moon Mother when she was full and awake.

Moon Mother mulled over the Earth's concern and eventually told her child that she would have to consult Sun Father about the matter, but she believed she might have a solution.

The Earth was not satisfied with this reply but agreed to be patient until after the talk. And so Moon Mother went to visit Sun Father the next day to discuss with him her solution.

Sun Father, upon seeing Moon Mother, was much surprised, and a great terror grew in his heart. He feared that Moon Mother had come to seek vengeance for his abandonment of her and so fled across the sky. But Moon Mother was persistent, and she followed him across the sky, finally catching Sun Father on the fifth day.

Too weary to run any further, Sun Father turned to Moon Mother and demanded of her, "What is your purpose?"

"Only to speak," replied Moon Mother, also weary from the chase. "Our child, the Earth, worries for the First People, fearing that, like the First One, they will perish and diminish unto nothing."

"And you seek my counsel?" grumbled Sun Father. "I cannot grant the First People immortality, any more than I could the First One."

"Perhaps not," replied Moon Mother, "but as equals we brought forth the Earth, and the Earth remains undiminished in strength and longevity. If we were to show the First People how to come together in the same way, perhaps then, though the First People were to perish, their children will be no less in strength or stature and so comfort the Earth."

"I must consider this," replied Sun Father at length.

And so Moon Mother left Sun Father to his deliberation, falling swiftly into a deep sleep; chasing Sun Father had exhausted her.

Time passed.

When Moon Mother awoke from her slumber shining and full, she approached Sun Father again. This time, Sun Father did not flee, and instead faced Moon Mother boldly.

"I have considered your solution to the Earth's worries," he told Moon Mother, "and I find it worthwhile."

"I am pleased to hear such," said Moon Mother with a smile, "as will be the Earth. Let us go down and tell our child what we have planned."

And so Moon Mother and Sun Father descended to the Earth together and told their child their solution. Without hesitation, the Earth gathered all the First People together, sending the men to learn from Sun Father the ways of men, and sending the women to learn from Moon Mother the ways of women.

It soon came to pass that the First People asked how these teachings could be united in practice, and so Moon Mother and Sun Father, in their final lesson, showed the First People how to unite to create children equal in all ways to their parents. And from this union was born the Rimwalker, the last of the Children of Moon and Sun, who took on a form like that of the First People, though, unlike the Earth and the First One, the Rimwalker was neither man nor woman.

For a time, the Rimwalker lived among the First People, as ageless as the Earth, but when the last of the First People succumbed to age, the Rimwalker left the People to wander the Earth's edge, seeking the company of none.

And there the Rimwalker remains to this day, ever traversing the Rim of the Earth.