Laughter, rain, a crash of thunder, the 'pit pat' of a cat as they walk on tile, the slap of our feet onto a wet sidewalk, the chirp of birds just waking up, the obnoxious panting of a happy dog, the rustling of clothing as we put it on, move around in it and take it off.

The snap our bones make when we crack our fingers, neck, spine, toes, knees and hips and shoulders. The wet sloshing sound when our tongue and saliva squirm inside of our mouths. The creaking of a moving fan, and the sounds the air being moved by it makes.

Our own breathing. Other peoples' breathing. The groan of a hungry stomach or a yawn from a tired person. Our feet shuffling on the carpet. The slapping or 'pit pat' sounds our feet make on tile, depending upon how gracefully or loudly we walk. The creak of a floorboard, the spray of a perfume bottle.

The relaxing purring of a sleeping kitten. The coo of a baby. The rustling of papers, the turning of a page in a book you're intensely reading. The tapping of a keyboad or clicking of a computer mouse. The squeaking of a real mouse. The low groan a wooden drawer being opened or closed. The whirr of a computer as it boots itself to life. Two hands rubbing together. Hair falling in front of your face. The creaking of a chair when someone sits or gets up from it. The squeaking of an old matress when someone squirms around on it.

The coo of a baby.

A heartbeat.

A sniffle.

A moan.

A sigh.