i gave you my heart,

but something leaves me hanging,

wondering if you'll mistreat it,

and taint it,


i don't want to think about it,

but i can't help it,

your lips tell me not to worry,

and i'm pulled back in,


every moment i'm not with you,

i want to know what you're doing,

and i want to spend every second with you,

i think i'm falling for you,


you don't answer your texts fast enough,

my heart is on the line,

and i want to hear your voice,

right next to me,


your arms feel so right around me,

and your comforting motions,

make me weak beyond control,

i melt within your barriers,


i love the way you make me feel beautiful,

and i don't want this to end,

could something go wrong,

to make me come out of this dream?


you're just the perfect match,

and you appreciate how i am,

i've never met someone that i've liked as much as you,

and i never want to let go,


you're upfront on the compliments,

i'm blushing uncontrollably,


not knowing what to say,


baby, i want you to never disappoint me,

but how could you?

you're gifted with love,

nothing compares to you,


our hands fit nicely,

and you expertly kiss me,

and i fall for your lines everytime,

i want you even more each day,


just don't walk away,

because i'll just fall apart,

and only your heart could pick me up again,

honey, i love you.


i love you.