The one thing I want
The one thing I shouldn't have…
The one thing I'm thinking of
…This one thing that steals my love…

...Where did all the fields of flowers go-?
Did they blossom one last time, were swept
Into a captivating wind, then, left?

Are they here or somewhere near
As I mope in the next room

Why tempts me, this,
That steals my soul,
That robs me whole...

'Why not?'
As bottle slams back down
And sick grin spreads
From once-proud frown...

This is my life
I am a fiend…
So bent on bending
Too-bent dreams...
Content with mending
These ripped seams
As water fills them,
I embrace the stream...

…My life, just one
Fluid motion...
Escaping me-
My life-
This ocean…