Chapter 1

The Darkening of the Sky

Once upon a time, there was a maiden running for her life in the middle of the forest. She was running away from a glittering childhood and a stalking entity. She tripped and fell, and blacked out in the moss. She was soon found unconscious by a warrior from the mining depths of Svartalfheim.

The girl woke up to find herself in a bejeweled cave and sitting beside her was the warrior, a small, dark man, or maybe not man. He asked the maiden's hand in marriage, but she refused because she thought he was being literal for his fists were made of iron. The girl ran away again for her life.

But the troll, goblin, whatever, kept on chasing her from pub to pub, irking her with his lisping love words. At last, the maiden made a deal with him: if he conquered Gauld, she would be his. Gauld, everyone knew that claiming this beautiful piece of land is impossible because the powerful Chrystones protected it since the Creators disappeared. But the dark warrior was willing for love.

Then, to the maiden's surprise, the warrior came back as king of Gauld. That's just shit! Yet she had no other choice but to say "I do" at the altar. Thus, she became Queen Jane of Rings-Cambri, the most blessed of all women. I mean, she's the freakin' queen of Gauld. Gauld! Everything was perfect for Jane, well, except for one thing. The only disappointment she had in that place was her husband.

Their life together in marriage was not that harmonious actually. Jane would nag her husband away from her. At first, the king loved her, even she mocked his face. Soon, her high-pitching big mouth triggered the small king's huge anger management problem. The two monarchs would be seen throwing and kicking and shouting expletives at each other.

And yet, she got pregnant because the king made her really drunk during their honeymoon. The details of their sexcapade? Don't even think about it or your spine will explode. Anyway, there was a huge celebration in the whole kingdom (uh, the king opened the gates of Gauld but mortals should first pass the horrible essay exam) one night when the stars lighted the brightest.

Queen Jane was at the balcony, getting tired of their praises, "Dan, please shut them all up!" But the king only grunted. The queen slapped him and this made him do what he was told, "Okay, people, shut up! Go home. Get lost. Get outta here!" He looked at his wife "Satisfied?" but she averted her gaze. The two monarchs were then led by servants to the royal chamber of two separate beds.

They were about to say hateful good-nights to each other, until a royal guard barged in and announced an unknown attack in the kingdom. Everything was indeed crumbling, even the chandelier, which soon collapsed on the panicking guard. The king was in utter shock but he prepared for this. He carried his pregnant wife and entered a revolving staircase leading below a secret labyrinth.

But the two monarchs didn't go far enough when they started quarreling again, blaming the king's face or the queen's bad hairstyle for the unexpected assault in the kingdom. A shadow appeared from behind but his mysteriousness was ignored by the two monarchs who started throwing rocks at each other. Jane threw a huge rock, but it missed Dan. Instead, it hit the shadow. This made him mad and, using a scepter, he zapped the two to get their attention.

But Jane's hair absorbed the shock, and she and Done escaped the shadow through a huge vault out of nowhere. Inside, Done was surprised that the room was empty. The Chrystones of Gauld were gone! The shadow appeared again and showed them the eight gems in his hand. Done then recognized the shadow as Rufius, one of his entourage when he was conquering Gauld to win Jane's love. Rufius explained that he was Dan's most abused and unaccredited minion. As revenge, he shall destroy him.

Suddenly, a fairy with cotton wings also appeared and told them that Rufu's intention was actually for greed. Rufius knew that Done would be stupid enough to handle Gauld and it would be easy for him then to steal the kingdom. Rufius smirked on how annoyingly correct the tattle-tale fairy was. "See this tarot?" he showed them a card, "It's the fourth, the Emperor, my fortune!" But Done just answered with a punch on the jaw. In retaliation, Rufius used his scepter to summon thunderbolts.

While the two were in battle, the cotton-winged fairy turned to Jane, "Flee my queen! Hurry!" Jane did flee, not from the chaos, but from that fairy, the fairy from the forest, the very creature that stalked her until Done came into her life. Who is she? While running, Jane looked back and saw the fairy was vaporized by a thunderbolt and an orange glow appeared. Out of the labyrinth, the queen found her castle in ruins, her servants as drooling zombies, her knights in a hangover, her people in deep slumber, and the sky darkening.

Thinking quickly, she went to the castle ruins and entered where the library used to be. She searched for a book, a certain book she had kept away as a secret – the Witch's Bible. On page 896 were instructions for teleportation: construct an isosceles triangle on the ground with base equal to her height. The common angle in the triangle should be 52.5. Then, she inscribed and circumscribed a circle in and around the triangle respectively.

Jane stood in the middle of the nose-bleeding figure and chanted, "They have blown up my witches' priory, taken my nigger man from me. Now light, take me farther, help me flee! Clear the darkened sky I see!" The clouds suddenly parted and revealed the constellation of the Virgin. It shone brightly upon the sorceress queen. And yet, after ten seconds, the spotlight was gone.

Jane opened her eyes to see that she was still in her devastated kingdom, in front of her ruined castle, on that engineered drawing. She wasn't been teleported. Worse, Rufius appeared behind and found her dumbfounded, "Too bad, you shall share your husband's fate." Jane spun around and pleaded, "I don't want his face!"

"I said fate!" Rufius showed her an orange gem, and then, she was never more.