Chapter 5

Viva, Revolucion!

Once upon a time, there was an elite family in the kingdom of Argos. They became such because the patriarch of the family once saved the prince's life. The prince assured of inheriting the king's throne, but it was expected that this certain patriarch will inherit great wealth as gratitude for saving the heir. But on the death of the king, all were shocked to learn that the patriarch was disinherited.

His family then went away from Argos, but their life became more elite when the youngest daughter passed the essay exam of Gauld. Though they were in the kingdom of the honorables, as in Gauld, the patriarch wanted to get back the wealth of Argos which was gravely promised by the prince whose life he should have owed to him (can you still follow me? Good.).

Since he was a stubborn old man, the patriarch forced his family to move out of Gauld. Men, what was he thinking?! Gauld is more elite than Argos or any other kingdom. I guess he stopped taking his medicine. Then, this was his plan: to usurp the king with a revolution, like what happened in France. Wow, he indeed stopped taking his pills. Anyhoo, the females in his family were sylphs, nymphs of the air. They had the ability to spread rumors by whispering it to the wind.

Thus, it was easy for them to win the people through scandalous gossips about the Argos king's corruption until a huge riot settled outside the palace. But the revolution was unsuccessful. The patriarch and his family were arrested and imprisoned for life. Yet there was one sylph who escaped due to the magical plumes on her ankles (she's the only one who has these). She was the youngest daughter. She promised them that she'll come back before one of them die in prison. (wow, talk about hope)

Do you know who she is? C'mon, guess. Guess I say! He he he. No. She's Dhiamante Beset Notea, one of the Cocqatrinxes. And what I just typed above was what she told Emsay that night after they dragged him out of the academy. She was listening to Emsay's blabber of how wonderful the prince was and how they became the best of friends after Emsay saved his life. (déjà vu, men) Then, he noticed that his mom was taking down notes which contained juicy and exaggerated versions of Emsay's description of the prince.

"Ma, why do you want to destroy our monarchy?"

"Well, Emsay, it's like this. Once upon a time, there was an elite family in the kingdom of Argos. They became such because the patriarch…….." (I am so bad in transitions. Bistre Melancholia is right. I better shoot myself) Just bear with me. After telling about her family's history, Emsay disagreed on her notion that the monarchy is evil. The prince was really good to him in the academy. Actually, there was one night when the prince entered Emsay's room in the residence hall. (oh, shit, don't jump to conclusions).

The reason why Emsay suddenly wanted to stay was the secret the prince shared that night. He actually found this gem, purplish in color. They can't figure out what it is though they're the best in the science classes. But this gem sorta gave them powers to survive the brutality of the academy, mental powers. Hmm, a gem, huh? Can you figure out what it is? Then, read and review, idiot!

Divina came in holding that day's issue of the Forget-Me-Not newspaper. The top headline was about the Great Hunters searching the Novel kingdoms (if you forget, Argos is one of them). You may have heard of the Great Hunters. Years ago, the Dark Adds lost the Chrystones, right? So, they formed the Great Hunters and assigned them to retrieve these powerful gems. The Dark Adds even declared to the whole Periodica that whoever returned a Chrystone would have a place in Gauld (note: as written in chapter 4, the Dark Adds evicted the population of Gauld so that they'll enjoy the paradise all by themselves).

But this hunt caused chaos in Periodica. Though I said a lot of kingdoms hate the Dark Adds, a lot of people would love to get a place in Gauld. Hence, many would fight each other whenever someone found a Chrystone. Unfortunately, there were accounts that what they found was fake. And, no Chrystone was returned yet after those years. Not even the Great Hunters found one, but they're still looking. Now, they're in the Novel kingdoms, and this gave Dhiamante an idea as bright as her eyes.

Though she's a sylph, she could not spread gossip all by herself. Good thing the Cocqatrinxes were favored by the people because of their beauty and shit like that. So, the rumor spread: the king of Argos is keeping a Chrystone so he'll betray Argos and live in Gauld. (thanks a lot, Emsay) This scandal finally caught the attention of the Great Hunters, which was going according to Dhiamante's plan.

They arrived in Argos and attained a search warrant in the palace. Meanwhile, the Cocqatrinxes formed a successful revolution. An angry mob with torches and pitch forks freed the prison, especially Dhiamante's family, and attacked the palace. They caught the king and dragged him to the guillotine. Dhiamante's patriarch must be proud.

Yet, the Great Hunters appeared on the scene before the king was beheaded. They declared that there was no Chrystone in the palace or in anywhere in Argos. The king was then freed from the guillotine. Of course, he was outraged of how his people had treated him. His counselors pointed to the Cocqatrinxes as the ones who started it all. The king was about to declare death by treason upon the four lovely ladies, until his son intervened for the sake of Emsay.

No one knew what the prince told his father, but the king suddenly changed his mind and just sentenced the Cocqatrinxes to bankruptcy and social demotion. "I could have made it less terrible," the prince told Emsay, "But your mothers took you away from me." Then, they hugged, "Tis okay, man." And so, the Cocqatrinxes dressed in rags, planted their own food and slept in cots. The worst part was they no longer have admirers; well that's the worst part for them.

At least, Dhiamante was happy to be reunited with her family, but their patriarch died right after he found out that Emsay dropped out of becoming a knight, "You're a disgrace to your manhood! Ugh, my heart!"