You want to leave? That's fine. Go ahead and do it. Leave. I dare you, I'd like to see how far you get.

Never want to come back? Ha! You wish you could stand a day without me in your life. You want to ignore me the whole day, pretend like I don't exist? That's fine, too! I'll ignore you right back. You want to break my heart into a million pieces? Okay, then do it!! Take it in your hands and rip it apart,it's yours to break anyway. Want to spend time away from me? Alright, I can handle that, I'll just wait for you to come back and say you're sorry. Don't want to apologize? Okay, well I forgive you anyway. You want me? Have me. Rip off my clothes and slid yourself right in me, touch me, feel me. Cum all over me, look into my eyes with hunger... like I just might mean something to you. Are you furious? Hit me, kick me; I can take the beating. Are you crying? Fine, stain and ruin my favorite shirt with your tears. Need me? I'm right here...I love you remember? But, fine. If you want to. Leave! Ignore me! Break me. Take me! That's just fine and dandy. But... please love me?