Let me think about the future
Because I'm over with the past
I have a dream or two you see
And I'm hoping that they last

Let me think about the world ahead
Because the present's let me down
I hoping for a future because
I'm sick of being found

Let me think about my whole long life
Without the mention of a study score
Because bye and bye this whole charade
Counts to nothing, and no more

Let me look to the stars and see my home
Because I'm over with right now
The place I'm at, it's holding me in
And I'll get out (I'm not sure how)

Let me have a lack of direction
And let me be my own person please
Because I don't want your idea of joy
That comes free with the house and keys

Let me make mistakes and learn from time
Because advice is overrated
Along with all the things I'm told each day
Aren't up to chance, but fated

Let me live and laugh and learn to love
Because I'm sick of being too young
Not old enough to know my heart
But a quarter of my life is already done

And please I beg let me be seventeen
And do what I can only do right now
Because you can't be old and wise one day
If you didn't fuck up somehow