Now, here's a rundown of some of the characters in the Sploot Kingdom:

Prophet Snudd is a good and wise old man who lives in a hollow tree with his pet cat Mooshy. He drinks tea and practices zen meditation. He is proud of his beard, is a huge fan of the Splootonina Sports team, the Trimbulene Treadmills, and he also enjoys hiking in the woods, studying the Upanishads, sports, and fishing. He likes writing poetry:

"The world is full of mysteries, some shallow, some deep.

As long as we're unraveling them, the teabag of truth will steep" ---- Seer Snudd

Zync: Zync is a gnome. He is the prophesized hero of the Sploot Kingdom.

Azlamb: The benevolant king of the Sploot Kingdom. He is a friendly sheep.

Bloomeelia : Bloomeelia is basically known as the "local sorceress" of the Sploot Kingdom and at first, not much else is known. She is an anthropormorphic cat sorceress. Has connections with friendly but powerful dragons. Is known to overuse the word "cretin" and say bizzare yet strangely humerous things. Also has a huge craving for artichokes. Used to own a mystic pet shop. Much like Zync, she has a mysterious background and lineage however, that is yet to be revealed. Even stranger though, she's rumored to not even be from the same planet as the other characters. Is first introduced as "Gloomeelia" when Waneul uses evil magic on her. Bloomeelia's best friends are Prophet Snudd and Jumple, has a friendly rivalry with Mooshy, and occasionally hangs out with Zync, but is confused by him. When Bloomeelia returns to her home planet, she will one day co-star in a spin-off series! Her most famous lines are:

Bloomeelia: "You can make lemonade out of lemons, but you can't make croutons out of cretins!"

Bloomeelia: "I had a dream last night about a living mustachioed piece of french toast that was trying to win me over with chello music"

Jumple : Jumple is a hilarious messenger who brings the prophecies of Prophet Snudd to all the kingdoms via horseback because everyone respects and adores Prophet Snudd and thinks that his word is THE word. The royalty enlists Jumple to do this. His best friend is Zync. Jumple also likes to deliver prank mail. He also once served in the Great War of Splootonia. He enjoys chinese checkers, martial arts, reading in Latin, rock music, and jazz. Zync suspects that Jumple has a crush on Bloomeelia, after reading a note that fell out of his mailbag. He is a fox cub.

Zync is a young heroic and noble shaggy haired gnome boy whose parents were turned into creatures made out of magical clay, known as SNIBBS. His parents were transformed into those aforementioned creatures by a ghastly and wicked wizard named Jafistaward. Maybe by the end of the sagas they'll be changed back into people, but they'll still live in the SNIBB community. Prophet Snudd thinks highly of Zync. Zync is about four years old, and has a much stranger lineage than he realizes, but that is yet to be revealed. One day Zync will get a spin-off series. Zync has connections with friendly but powerful cyclopses.


Jafistaward is an evil prophet, unlike his twin brother Prophet Snudd. He misleads the people frequently, and he comes from a bloodline of evil old men who want to toss out the words of the wise ones, and rule the world, thus fulfilling their dark prophecies.

The Amazing Ogre Brothers are persuaded by the Dark Side to work for them. But they're not really bad. They're just Dumb. They're ogres. They like to partay and shake their booty. As long as they get a good sum of money, and a chance to have a dance-off, they'll do anything.

Prince Crazkull - a former student of Snudd who went to the dark side, and is now the messenger of Jafistaward. You don't know what he is. He wears one of those ring wraithy outfit thingies. Whenever he comes by, everyone gets cold and the world turns shadowy. AND scary music plays, baby. And if that isn't enough, he lives in a castle and like most people who live in abandoned old castles, is spooky let's leave it at that.

Zasher is an evil dragon with a strong desire for power who lives atop Mt. Maleficent with his various associates, Vale, the reptillian sorceror overlord who makes sacrifices to a giant robot that wants to eat the Sploot Kingdom, his wife Wanewel, who cooks up wicked spells, along with his equally sinister daughter Wazewel, his heating and cooling specialists Snorkel and Forkel (who double as royal executioners), and his little brother, a royal messenger named Zashlar. That's all we know for now.

And now, here's a tale that takes place in the Sploot Kingdom:

One typical perfectly normal sunshiny morning in the Sploot Kingdom, Zync the tiny gnome-like creature and his tweenaged thumb twiddiling twin sister TwoodleBerry were having an expedition in The Big Spooky Forest. Zync visited The Big Spooky Forest daily, always trying to find rare and strange objects, despite the stone slab nearbye Azlamb's palace stating "Don't ask, just don't ask" which was Prophet Snudd's advice regarding strange talking objects. The forest itself was known to be inhabited by ghosts, dwarves, elves, UFO's, among other paranormal phenomena. As Zync walked down the long interwinding paths of the forest, it wasn't long before he stumbled upon a big grey bucket of black ink. The bucket of ink appeared rather lively, as the very bucket itself shook and shook as Zync got closer to approaching it face to bucket, and it was as if the bucket of ink could sense Zync's footsteps. Finally the bucket revealed itself to be as alive in the same sense as a human being, it sprouted arms and hands, and picked up Zync's sister Twoodleberry Mync, and threatened to toss her in the ink, unless Zync could think up a way of getting the ink out of its body.
"For centuries I have been filled with ink. I have been told by many that if I were to dump it out of my system it would clutter up this magic land and pollute it. Now I have no solutions to my problem. You must find a use for the ink inside me and get rid of it!!!! I need you to find something that can dispose of my ink in a constructive manner, dear
Boy! At least the Trimbulene Treadmills have a record of 2 wins and 0 losses, but that doesn't distract from the fact that I have an ink overload, and I'm certainly NOT a printer. PLEASE HELP ME!" shouted the impatient and extraordinary talking bucket of magic ink. Just then, in the nick of time, Zync noticed an enourmas pen hanging down from a leaveless and withering tree. The pen hadn't been there before, and seemed to appear just at the right time that Zync needed it. Zync, being a tiny gnome-like creature barely weighing a pound, found it difficult to lift the pen. The bucket was angered by this, and began tilting himself in front of Zync.
"YOU MUST HURRY! These movements of mine are involuntary. I really need to get this ink out of my system!!!! I don't care how small you are, you must help me!" shouted the demanding and disrespectful bucket of magic elvish ink. Zync looked around in the forest and began shouting for assistance in his cute and tiny voice. Suddenly a small spacecraft could be seen in the distance. It landed, and a small friendly round antennied
red booted one named Plinky came out of it.
"Need some help? It's the bucket again, isn't it? Everyone who comes to these woods has trouble with the bucket. I've never even seen that many spooky things here except
that crazy bucket! If you fetch me a zooshy fruit from the tree behind us, I'll lift the pen for you! I've got more muscle than you'd notice at first glance, trust me!" said Plinky raising his eyebrows and grinning ear to ear. Sure enough, Zync retreived the zooshy fruit and fed it to Plinky. Plinky picked up the magic feather pen, stuck it in the bucket, and retreived virtually all the ink that had for so long been of a major annoyance to the bucket. The bucket released TwoodleBerry Mync from his hands and thanked Plinky for removing the ink.
"Thank you so much for removing my ink Plinky!" said the bucket.
"Oh it was nothing really. Zync did all the work!!!" said the eternally humble mild mannered Plinky, as his cheeks began to blush. There was some rustling in the bushes, and a magic cow that belonged to Prophet Snudd appeared out of nowhere.
"Zync, the reason for Plinky's superior strength and abilities is due to the
fruit that he eats that these trees bare. These trees bare fruits known as Zooshy Fruits, which contain all the vitamins you need to be very very strong!!!" stated the magical cow.
"So what do you want me to do with this enourmas pen??? Can I draw a portrait of you?" asked Plinky.
"No no no, I was not expecting the likes of YOU to have anything to do with the pen, Mr. Plinky!!!! This pen is hereby indebted to Zync and it is imperative that he use the pen wisely and skillfully!!! Plinky, can you share with the chosen one the other un eaten
half of your Zooshy Fruit?" asked the cow.
"SURE!!! He can have the other half of my zooshy fruit!!" said Plinky. After taking one bite of the zooshy fruit, Zync felt an immediate supercharge in his body. The magic cow glanced towards Plinky.
"SHOO, round antennied nuisance. You are of no use anymore!!! This gnome can't fulfill his destiny as long as you're around!" said the cow whose name was Snoojal. Plinky walked slowly and sadly back to his space craft, and zoomed off along with his blueberry loving bro conveinently named Blueberry. Afterwards, the bucket began shaking and quivering. Zync was about to inquire about the purpose of the magic pen but before he could do so the bucket leaped into the air and smashed and pounded the ground like a Tyrannesaurus rex.
"I'm HUNGRY!!!!!!!!" the bucket yelled.
"How could you possibly be hungry after that ink job?" asked Zync's sister Twoodleberry Mync.
"I could ask the same ridiculous question concerning the likes of you and your
brother. Besides, what would you two know about hunger? You two are GNOMES!!!! Your stomachs are so tiny, that so much as a single raspberry could fill them for months!!!!" shouted the bucket.
"Well, what do you like to eat, Mr. Bucket?" asked Zync in an inquisitive tone.
"Mr. Bucket?", thundered the bucket. "I shall ALWAYS be addressed as Sir Bucket, as stated in all of the Sploot Kingdom's doctrines. Now make yourselves useful and fetch me….a fruit salad. That's right, gather up all the exotic fruits of this forest and whip me up a fruit salad. And make it snappy. And don't rub your fingers all over my food, that can cause germs to happen, and I really DON'T LIKE GERMS!!!! MARCH ONWARDS! AND FETCHETH ME SOME FRUIT!" shouted the rather zealous and angry bucket. Zync and TwoodelBerry began wandering the woods collecting all the fruits from the trees, berries from the bushes, and every last zooshy fruit that had fallen from the trees. After gathering up enough fruits to make a salad, they mixed all of them together and presented them before the bucket. The bucket began sniffing the food and inspecting it for germs. After realizing that there were no germs, the Bucket gave Zync an unsatisfied stare and stated a complaint, his arms folded in discontentment.
"Ahem! You two gnomes of Sploot really know how to get on a bucket's bad side don't you? In all of this glorious Sploot kingdom, I have never seen gnomes as repulsive as you. You forgot a key ingrediant. Although I was pleased to see that there were no germs in this fine dish, I did notice one thing. There are no worms in this salad. I cannot eat fruit salad without at least twelve mystical moonworms to sing for me! FETCH THEM AT ONCE!!!!" thundered the bucket as if it were a bolt of lightning. Zync and Twoodleberry darted off into the woods, searching out every nook and cranny hoping to find moonworms. They finally decided to draw themselves a shovel and dig for the moonworms. They found some, and brought back the moonworms. The bucket seemed grateful.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAREST GNOMES! You two are the most wonderful creatures to have ever graced the ground of this wonderful Sploot Kingdom, and I'm most pleased that you were able to accumulate some song singing moonworms for
my food. Of course, I won't be eating them if that's what you were thinking. They are going to play piano for me, and…what's this? You two did not bring a piano!!! Moonworms are expert piano players by nature, and I always like to listen to piano music when I eat. WHERE IS MY PIANO????" asked the bucket as it leaped into the air and landed with a crashing sound loud enough to cause an earthquake. "And why have you not yet made use of the PEN?!" The sound frightened the poor little misunderstood moonworms and they slithered away into the distance. Zync and Twoodleberry drew a piano with the pen and fetched up the moonworms instantly.
"Thank you. Now play, moonworms, play!" commanded the bucket. The moonworms began playing when suddenly the bucket thundered yet again.
"I NEED CHOPSTICKS! I CANNOT EAT WITHOUT CHOPSTICKS!" shouted the persnickety and cranky bucket. The moonworms began playing chopsticks on the piano, and Zync and Twoodleberry were relieved to realize that this was all he meant. But the bucket had one last request out of Zync and his sister.
"Now I need you two gnomes to put that gigantic magic pen to work by painting me a napkin!" he shouted. So Zync used his new-found strength given to him by a zooshy fruit, and thankfully was able to lift up the pen and draw a napkin for him. But, the ink was wet and drippy and it spilled all over the bucket's food. When the bucket ate his food, he was filled to the brim with ink again. The bucket was enraged, and he leaped into the air and back onto the ground only to spill all the ink and in-turn he flooded the entire Sploot Kingdom. Zync then looked into his magic spell book to try to find a way
to reverse the effects.

The End