motherfucker, I'm getting prolific.
baby, I can't pretend to be (a)ok with,
holding this, burning piece of love.
I'm not the right shape for,
lovemaking. I bend healthier during
sex. but at the same time I don't want to
pretend, that I don't love you.
I want you to be a part of me
(all the time) all the time.
I want us to fit like two pieces
of moon rock would. if my stomach
could hold you, I would be
happy (all the time). but you
liked bed sheets and,
other girls/boys, (…).
but don't, .stand me,
this is totally not, me, throwing
"want you backs" in your
backseat. [FREE SHAMU baby]
I am simply spilling myself
of what you left inside me.
it's been making me
sick. (sick like a dog.)
it's like a butterfly
falling in love with a
moth. because they too
can never be loved.