Wrong Heartbeat!

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"Good morning Ri-" I tried to call out for my best friend but it was too crowded. It's to be expected, though. I don't remember any day that Rika wasn't being crowded at.

Rika Shimura, a short but cute high school girl, had a hair that looked like goldilocks, curly and blonde that dropped down on her waist, and her eyes was a dazzling blue. She is popular because of her appearance and also because of her father whom owns a large company that was known world-wide and her mother who is a famous model.

Unfortunately for Rika, she has me as a friend. I can't say that I'm mean or cruel but I don't think we're on the same level, I mean we are really NOT on the same level. She's up there and I'm, well, down here, WAY down. My black shoulder-length hair and dark blue eyes was nothing compared to hers, not that I care and she also had a good reputation.

"Good morning boys. I see that all of you are so energetic, yet again." I smiled, finally making the boys girlish screams disappear.

"Wah! I-if it isn't S-Sai-kun. G-good morning. W-well, I think I-it's time to go to class n-now. S-see you then." One of Rika's suitors began to say and all of them agreed unconvincingly. Actually, I'm pretty popular to boys too. I think it's because I'm scary.

"Eh? It's still too early, don't you think?" I smirked, making them flinch. Okay, I guess sometimes I'm a bit mean…and scary.

"Ah, well we-"

"Would you just stop it? They said they want to go to class." A voice from behind exclaimed.

"What do you care, Baka-kun?" Even if I don't see his face I know I'd still recognize him. Once I feel angry for no particular reason, that's because HE is near. It's as if I can sense him.

"'Ba-Baka-kun'??!! What the-!!! Stop messing around old hag!" Ikuta Koizumi, a hot headed jerk face, is the guy I hate the most in this school. I actually see him as an enemy.

"Are you guys fighting again?" Rika interrupted with a sad face. Rika's so cute and she really hated arguments.

"Well, it's because this stupid—WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled seeing an arm hanging on my shoulder.

"You've got it all wrong Rika-chan. We're really good friends so that's why—" Before Ikuta could say anything else, I elbowed his stomach and he fell on the grass, groaning. His face was priceless. I couldn't help but laugh. When Rika's there, he always acts nice towards me that's why I elbowed him. It's obvious he likes her, he even uses me. Ugh, so irritating.

"Are you alright, Ikuta-kun?" Rika, being nice and caring, asked him.

"Heh. That was nothing, really." He smiled his stupid smile. Acting all high and mighty, I tried to control myself from kicking his stupid face. He really irritates me. The more I try to keep Rika away from him, the more Rika goes near him. Ugh, I don't really understand it.

While they were both being lovey-dovey I noticed that Ikuta wasn't alone.

"G' morning, Hiro-kun." I greet the guy next to me. I didn't know why I didn't notice him. His features are definitely eye-catching, shiny silver hair, yellow eyes, and a tall but sluggish body. He also has a stoic personality, I haven't seen him smile nor change his expression. He's kind of weird but cool. He's pretty popular with the girls, too. I like him but only as a fellow classmate, though.

"Morning." Still wearing a stoic face, he answered.

"So, wanna go somewhere after school?" I really wanted to watch this new movie with Rika but she said she was busy with something.

"You and me?" Hiro turned to me and asked.

"If it's ok with you." I shrugged. It was fine with me if Hiro was Rika's replacement. He's the only decent guy I know in school and since we both worked part time at the same café last year, we've gotten pretty close.

"Sure." Returning his eyes back to Rika and Ikuta, he remained silent.

Yes! I could finally-AH! I forgot about that asswhole. Why'd Hiro have to be friends with that jerk? I'm sure Ikuta would come too and then ruin everything. Argh!

"Ah. I forgot that I had something to do later. So I can't go. I'm sorry, Hiro." I tried to convince him with my white lie putting on my apologetic face.

"Really, you're the one who invited me." Still not taking his eyes off Rika and Ikuta, he replied and according to his tone of voice he was a bit annoyed.

"Eh? It's because the thing I'm about to do later is really important, so-"

"Sai, I'm sorry again because I can't watch that movie with you later. I think you should invite Hiro and Ikuta. Maybe they're free. Well, I better get Ikuta to the infirmary." Rika waved good-bye and hopped back to Hiro who was grinning happily; from the way I see it he looked fine, that lying jerk face.

Without me noticing, Hiro was already walking away from me.

"Meet me in front of the school!" He exclaimed from his shoulder without stopping to look at me.

Sigh. I guess there's no harm done coming with Hiro…and THAT guy.

Before I realized it, a smile crept on my face.

And so, the first chapter ends. It's a bit short but please read it. I'm only in high school (does that make sense? I really don't know) so mind my grammar and also I don't use any deep English. Sorry guys! Please read and review.

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As promised, Sai (Saiko Roukema) and Hiro (Hiroshi Izumi) went to the movies to watch but as Sai feared, Ikuta was there! Will Ikuta ruin their day (date XD) as Sai expected or did he come for another reason? Find out on the next chapter!!!

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