Hey. This is a new story I've thought of. I have developed a tendency to start stories but run out of ideas however, I am going to be continuing this one, even if it kills me! So, I hope you enjoy. Sorry it's so short but it's just a prologue. If I get alot of interest than Chapter One will be written in the next few days.

~Behind Those Eyes~


Have you ever wondered what your purpose in this life is? Why you were put on the earth?

Were you put here to discover a miracle cure to a cruel disease? Or were you destined to become a great political leader? Perhaps your purpose was something as simple as making someone's day a little bit brighter. Or maybe I'm missing the point completely and there is no clear purpose in life.

I hadn't always been so thoughtful. In fact, months ago I hadn't given my purpose on earth any thought at all. I had simply lived my life day to day, experiencing new things and having as much fun as possible. I was blissfully content being ignorant. That was, until I met him.

He came crashing into my life like a tidal wave. I didn't stand a chance. He tried to warn me off but I wouldn't listen. How could I when I had found my purpose in life. It wasn't as huge as making a medical discovery or writing a chart topping song. But, to me, it was just as important. I saved his life and in a way, he saved mine.

So, this is my story. The story of how Anna Greene fell in love. How she fell for one of the most rudest, cold-hearted and ruthless men you could ever imagine.

A man, that had the saddest pair of eyes I had ever seen.