Gospel de Night


First Gospel

Note: This is a girls love story, and there will be scenes of a graphic sexual nature. If girls love does not interest you then please do not read this story.

The halls of the Kanae Church echoed with the dulcet voices of the choir. "Angels We Have Heard On High" was the song of the night—appropriate given that it was almost December.

It was a custom of the Kanae Church: every Thursday the choir would come in to sing hymns and anyone was free to come watch and sing along. Fukune Daibata was among the people to always attend. She could always be counted on to be in the first row, smiling at the beautiful praises to God, Christ, Mary, and other figures. It wasn't that she was Catholic, or Christian, or even religious; like most Japanese, religion was more of a quaint relic than anything else. You would go through some ceremonies and pay lip service to whatever religion you needed to at the time, but it the end it really didn't mean anything. Religion was fading in Japan, the most atheistic developed nation in the word. Would it fade away entirely in time? Fukune hoped that it wouldn't; even if she wasn't a spiritual person she found remarkable beauty in the hymns that the choir sang. What a loss to the world it would be if no one sang hymns any more!

Fukune shifted in the hard pew. She glanced over at the crowd attending that night's choir. It was the usual bunch of people: the trio of old women, that middle-aged man, some of the more devout students from the St. Jeanne Junior & Senior High School…

Fukune's eyes stopped on the one person she did not recognize in the listeners. It was a woman in her early twenties, a stunningly beautiful woman at that, wearing a smart-looking pale blue double-breasted jacket with gray peaked lapels and cuffs, and possessed a matching pale blue skirt. She wore a white blouse beneath her jacket and a silk scarf was tied around her neck. Her black hair was delightfully wavy, spilling down to her shoulders. Particularly attention getting was the woman's large bust, straining against the front of her form-fitting jacket. She was very pale, with skin like pale cream. The woman was watching the choir sing with her white-gloved hands clasped together as though in prayer, a look of enraptured happiness on her beautiful face. She looked positively radiant in her apparent joy. Fukune's mouth felt dry just looking at her; she had never seen someone so glamorous in person before. She could be a movie star or a supermodel.

Who is that? Fukune wondered. She fidgeted in her seat and turned to watch the choir again. She wanted to look back at the woman though, but she couldn't just stare at someone all through the choir's singing. People would think her strange. For the first time that she could remember, Fukune was wishing that the singing would finish up so she could ask someone about the newcomer.

The singing eventually stopped, and Father Ryouta Hayabusa and Sister Yukari Kaneko stepped up to the altar to praise the choir and wish everyone well, as they usually did (Fukune wondered why out of the sisters only Sister Yukari seemed to ever want to say anything). That finished, the people got up from the pews to chatter amongst themselves. The stranger left her seat, and Fukune noticed with shock how tall she really was. She strided with elegant confidence, her womanly hips swaying seductively. Her long legs were clad in nylon stockings, their length and shape accentuated by the pale blue high-heels she was wearing. Those legs looked like they went on forever!

Fukune debated whether she should try to talk to the woman; she seemed friendly, but what was Fukune supposed to say to her?

The woman passed by her, a faint whiff of perfume trailing her. The scent wasn't overpowering like some perfumes Fukune had encountered; it was understated, classy. She wondered if the newcomer was wealthy.

The woman walked up to Father Ryouta with a demure smile and began talking to him in quiet tones. Father Ryouta, an older man with iron-gray hair and a lean build, seemed pleased by the woman's attention. Sister Yukari, a lovely young lady only a few years older than Fukune, joined in, speaking animatedly.

Fukune walked over to some girls she recognized from St. Jeanne, her best female friend Suzume Oosachi-chan among them. Suzume-chan was a pretty girl with long black hair and a slim figure. She was dressed casually in a red sweater and a long red skirt. Cute, but Suzume-chan was straight, and even if she wasn't Fukune saw her as a good friend and nothing more.

"Hey Fukune-chan," Suzume-chan greeted. "So what did you think of the performance tonight?"

"Oh, it's good as always," Fukune answered. "Erm, say," she began, changing the subject, "did any of you see that lady in the blue jacket?"

Eri Miyagi-chan from class 3-A, a petite girl with short brown hair, nodded. "Oh yeah, she's pretty noticeable, isn't she?"

"I didn't see her when I came in," Fukune said. Every once in a while she would cast a glance back to the woman to see if she had finished speaking to Father Ryouta and Sister Yukari. "Did she show up after the choir started singing?"

"I guess so," Suzume-chan answered. "I've never seen her before though."

"Me neither," Eri-chan said. "I heard from Sister Yukari that a woman had arrived in the night a few days ago and wanted to see the church. Sister Yukari said the woman was very interested in learning more about being a Christian and wanted to convert. I take it that was her tonight."

By the look of joy and hope on the woman's face Fukune could see her being a new convert swept up in the moment. Good for her. She doubted that mean the woman would be interested in her though.

"She's coming this way!" hissed Suzume-chan. Fukune stiffened. There was no way the mysterious woman was coming to talk to them, but the idea of just being near her made Fukune's stomach flutter.

"Good evening," came a gentle voice behind her. Fukune's breath caught in her throat. What a heavenly voice, so kind and nurturing! It made Fukune feel like she would melt into a warm pudding. She turned around slowly and found herself at eye-level with the biggest pair of breasts she had seen in person. Fukune was one to appreciate large breasts, and she was quite well endowed herself, but she felt dwarfed by the glorious bust before her! Her eyes slowly ran up the front of the woman until she was looking right into a pair of kindly mist-gray eyes. Fukune's heart stopped in her chest.

"G-good evening," Fukune stammered in response. "I am Daibata. Fukune Daibata." She bowed to the woman humbly. "I am pleased to meet you!"

"Suzume Oosachi! Pleased to meet you!" Suzume-chan bowed too.

"And I am Eri Miyagi. Pleased to meet you."

The woman smiled sweetly and bowed in return. "My name is Night Tsukigami. I am pleased to meet you too."

Night? Fukune reflected on such an unusual name. She supposed it was appropriately exotic for such a beauty though.

"I have just joined this church's flock," Tsukigami-san said. "I wished to know everyone here, my fellow followers in Christ-sama."

"Oh, is that so?" Fukune said. She was disappointed; a woman that devout was somewhat inspiring, but she was unlikely to be into other girls, no matter what the H stories claimed.

"It's so good to be here," Tsukigami-san said to the girls. "I was lost, wandering without a Shepard to guide me, miserable and lonely. But now I have found my way!" There were tears in her eyes as she said that. She really was into her new religion.

"I'm so happy for you!" Eri chimed. She was fairly devout herself. "I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning."

Tsukigami-san's face went blank for a second, then she offered a sad smile. "I'm afraid I can't be here in the morning; I must work all day, so I can only come at night."

Worked all day? Fukune wondered what Tsukigami-san did for a living.

"Oh, all right then," Eri answered. "Well, we can still see each other on Thursday choir night then."

"Yes, certainly!" Tsukigami-san said. "It makes me happy to see spirited girls like you when I come by."

"I always come by for the Thursday night choir," Fukune said.

Tsukigami-san smiled and nodded at her. Her smile was so radiant. "The choir's voices, they are very beautiful, aren't they Daibata-san?"

"My favorite singers!" Fukune answered briskly.

"Ah." Tsukigami-san grinned again, this time apologetically. "I would love to stay and talk with you some more, but I must be leaving now. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope we can talk again next Thursday."

"Oh, okay," Fukune said. She sighed inwardly, sad to see the beautiful woman leave, but happy that she would be back another day.

"Good-bye then," Tsukigami said, turning to leave. "Until we meet again."

"Good-bye!" Eri-chan said.

"So long!" Suzume-chan added.

"Good-bye, Tsukigami-san…" Fukune's heart still fluttered. It was rare for her to be so infatuated with someone, but Tsukigami-san was just so achingly beautiful. She probably had no chance with her so it was pointless to pine, but…

She nervously played with her left pigtail, watching the woman leave the room. She definitely looked forward to seeing more of her. Hopefully she was as nice as she seemed and wasn't too eager about her religion; no matter how beautiful a woman was, Fukune would not be able to stand it if she talked only about her faith all the time.

With Tsukigami-san gone, Fukune looked at her watch. Eight forty-five. It would be best if she got home too.

"I'd better get going too," she said. "See you guys later."

Her friends wished her good-bye, and Fukune stepped out to leave the church. The night was cold as winter approached. She was grateful for her sweater. She adjusted the collar for a bit, then headed off.

Eri wished Suzume-chan a safe journey home before leaving herself. She shivered in the cold outside, eager to return to her house and get some sleep. She looked forward to seeing her friends at St. Jeanne the next day.


Eri stopped and followed the voice. To her surprise, Tsukigami-san was standing at the alley leading between the church and other buildings. She was smiling sheepishly.

"Oh! Tsukigami-san!" Eri said. "What are you doing there?"

"Miyagi-san," Tsukigami-san repeated, "I am a bit new to this town. Could you please me find my way to the nearest Book Off?"

Eri nodded. It would take her a little out of her way, but it was always nice to help people out. "Sure!"

"Thank you."

"If we go around here we should be able to reach Book Off in ten minutes."

"Around?" Tsukigami-san asked. "Why not just through the alley?"

Eri gave her an incredulous look. "That dark alley? I don't know…It looks scary." It really did from where she stood with the dark shadows obscuring the alley's interior from view. She could see lights on the other side from cars driving by though.

Tsukigami-san smiled disarmingly. "This is a house of God-sama. Surely nothing will happen to us."

Eri saw what she meant, but she still hesitated. "Erm, Tsukigami-san…"

"I'll go in first then," Tsukigami-san said. "Don't worry; I like the dark and I already looked through the alley. It's totally safe."

She melted into the shadows, her footsteps oddly quiet. Eri shivered and followed her. She walked for a time before realizing she no longer could hear Tsukigami-san, and as her eyes adjusted to the gloom, found she couldn't see her either.

"Tsukigami-san?" she called, her fear beginning to build. She did not notice Tsukigami-san creeping silently behind her, a strange, hungry smile spreading across her face.


To be continued…

Author's note: At last, my first "pure" girls love original story in a long time. Unlike some other stories, this one was written relatively soon after the initial idea came into my head. I started with the title; at my school someone had put up adverts for a singing service at a local church, and the service was entitled "Gospel de Night" (ごすぺるDEナイト), meaning "gospel at night" in Japanese. I liked that name so much, especially how "gospel" was written ごすぺる instead of ゴスペル like it normally is written in Japanese and that "trendy" way of writing in Latin letters, that I knew I had to use it as a title. The story came to me soon after. This will not be an especially long story, only five or six chapters. It will be my Christmas holiday story. I hope you enjoy it.