Gospel de Night


Fifth Gospel

Note: This is a girls love story, and there will be scenes of a graphic sexual nature. If girls love does not interest you then please do not read this story.

Night glanced briefly at Fukune-chan and Magaki-kun as she passed them by. It was just like her opponent to put innocents in danger. Night would be at a disadvantage in the inevitable battle ahead. She would have to be careful until Fukune-chan, Magaki-kun, and anyone else was safely far away.

"Kaiza," Night began, speaking in the old language, "you can still be forgiven, even for all your killing, if you renounce your old path of violence and dedicate yourself to the aid of sapient life. I have, and I'm much happier now."

Kaiza laughed, keeping the handgun pointed at her. It was a very powerful model, but it used energy quickly with every shot. She could get perhaps six off before reloading, but Kaiza was good at quickly reloading in the midst of battle. Night had to assume she retained her skills and likely had improved since they last met. "Speak in Japanese, Misshuura!" she demanded. "I want your little slut to understand everything we say!"

Night winced. "My name isn't Misshuura! It's Night Tsukigami!" she yelled at Kaiza.

"You don't have a name," Kaiza spat. "You don't have a past, you don't have a family, you don't have a life! You don't have anything! Everything about you is fake! All you can do is pretend to be what you aren't! That's what we wanted you for and it was all you were good at!"

Night couldn't allow Kaiza to provoke her. She had extensively trained to remain detached, removed any true emotions. Ever since coming to Japan she slowly began to feel emotion for the first time; true emotion, not the faked ones she acted out. It was extremely difficult to live with at first, but she survived through it with the help of Mary-sama and Jesus-sama. It was still somewhat alien to her to feel anger flaring up in reaction to Kaiza's words.

"Hey, Daibata," Kaiza sneered. "I may have killed some people, but your friend Misshuura here, she killed far more than I ever could."

Night gritted her teeth. Veins throbbed in her temples. "Be quiet, Kaiza."

"She killed indiscriminately," Kaiza continued. "Anyone she was ordered to, she killed without hesitation!"

"Shut up!" Night growled. There was a pounding in her head and her whole body felt like it was heating up. Night wasn't sure how long she could stay under control. She tried to cool down but her body was reacting to her emotions.

"Men, women, children," Kaiza cooed. "There's no one Misshuura wouldn't kill if she were ordered too! She's just an unstoppable robot assassin, a wind-up toy! No, you're not even that; you're a dress-up doll to be given a new look whenever your superior wanted!"

Night howled in fury and anguish, the disguise she maintained so carefully beginning to unravel. Her fingernails lengthened, growing sharp and curved. Her hair grew out, changing color from midnight-black to silver-gray. Her eyes went from being black to gold, the pupils growing slitted. Silver fur began growing over her hands, ears, and backside. Her tailbone sprang out into a fully-formed tail covered in silver fur, snaking out from beneath her skirt. Her ears morphed into thin triangles of flesh lightly covered in fur. Canine teeth grew into complete fangs. Night's very body shape began to change, shifting from slender to sleekly muscled and athletic.

Her transformation complete, she looked at her original hands, clawed and covered in fur. Her tail swished around between her legs, as though with a mind of its own. She breathed hard, her breasts heaving against tighter clothes. She felt squeezed and constricted by her garments and underwear. She hated being seen by Fukune-chan in her original body, being more like a demon than a human. Tears rolled from her eyes, ashamed to be seen.

Kaiza laughed loudly. "Now that's the Misshuura I remember! She can take any shape, but that's what she really is!"

"Please," Night pleaded, "let Daibata-san and Magaki-kun go. It's me you want."

"Not a chance," Kaiza said. "They've seen us. They have to die. I'll kill you first though."

Night slumped, appearing to lose hope. No matter what happened to her, she had to do something to help Fukune-chan and Magaki-kun. She might die in the process, but she wouldn't allow them too. She had her dignity.

"Please, allow me to say a prayer first, Kaiza?"

Kaiza smirked unpleasantly. "You should be praying to Prince Raiten-sama, Emperor Rubihatsu-sama, and Queen Rireishi-sama. They're the ones you should be begging for forgiveness."

Night drew her rosary from her pocked. She knelt down and ran the beads through her fingers.

"Oh no!" Kaiza exclaimed. "You're not going through the whole rosary! One prayer, or I shoot you right now!"

"Yes, just Our Father," Night said. She made the sign of the cross and began to pray quietly.

"Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name." Night tensed her muscles.

"Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." She kept her qi under control; if it suddenly spiked then Kaiza would know she was getting ready and would kill her on the spot. She would have be careful.

"Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

Now! Night forced her qi to rise to its highest point, exploding into a golden aura around her. The force knocked Fukune-chan and Magaki-kun over. Both of them cried out in surprise. Kaiza was pushed back slightly but her own qi was building in response, protecting her from the brunt of it. She fired her gun, but with her qi empowering her, Night deflected the shot with her hand. It burned, but it was much better than taking it in the torso.

"Damn it!" Kaiza swore.

"Amen," Night finished. She stood up and sent an invisible wave of qi at Kaiza. She was knocked from the altar as it fell over from the force of the attack.

"Fukune-chan, Magaki-kun! Get out! Now!" Night ordered.

The two adolescents heeded the command, rising to their feet and running away. "Please come back, Night-san!" Fukune-chan cried.

Night smiled, and flexed her claws as Kaiza recovered. She pounced like a panther upon the evil woman, grappling her and raking her with claws. Kaiza struggled to keep a grip on her gun, but Night slashed her right arm, forcing Kaiza to drop it with a scream of pain.

"I'm almost insulted that Raiten would send a rookie like you to kill me," Night taunted, pinning Kaiza to the floor. Their sizable breasts were pressed together. "You're still just a kid."

Kaiza's face twisted with rage. Her qi suddenly exploded, manifesting into a sickly pink aura. The Yukari disguise bled away, revealing the true Kaiza beneath. Huge leathery black wings shredded the habit from behind. Her fingers extended to wicked points and her ears grew demonically pointed. Kaiza's hair color changed to a shimmering emerald green. Metallic horns erupted from the sides of her head and her eyes became a blazing orange color. At last, a long whip-like black tail tore through what was left of Kaiza's habit, leaving her completely nude. She bared her fangs at Night and hissed. Her strength was much greater in her natural form, and the fight became much more difficult. Kaiza's wings stretched out and smacked the sides of Night's head. She was knocked for a loop by the blows, and staggered back a step. From the corner of her eyes she spotted Kaiza's tail coming at her. She raised her hands to her throat just before the tail could completely constrict around her throat. Kaiza's tail was immensely strong, and Night struggled not to let it overcome her.

With a twitch of her tail, Kaiza suddenly hurled Night away, sending her crashing into a pew near the back. Night's body ached, but her qi was taking the brunt of the damage.

"Hetoshan!" A thick beam of pure darkness came down upon her. Night screamed as the icy darkness threatened to consume her, her qi protecting her from being annihilated completely by the Hetoshan. The pews and floor around her vanished into darkness, and Night lay gasping. She had expected more qi attacks, not magic. Calling upon her qi again, Night forced to her legs and arms. Her muscles in her limbs subtly enlarged from all the power she was feeding them. She leapt to her feet and drew back her hands, raw qi gathering in a sphere between them.

"Myuumyuuha!" Night cried as she unleashed the wave of raw qi. The Myuumyuuha was a qi technique developed by her tribe millions of years ago, and was still commonly taught among the martial artists of her race. She caught Kaizo as she was leaping over to meet her, wings outstretched and perfect nude body glistening with sweat, like a sweetly evil demon from Hell. The golden light of the Myuumyuuha lit up the room, giving Night the satisfaction of see the look of surprise on Kaiza's face right before she was struck dead-on by the attack. She was sent screaming into the ceiling of the nave, the Myuumyuuha exploding violently when it could progress no further. Kaiza fell down to the floor with a crash, smashing a pew on her way down. She lay still, burnt and with tattered wings. Her aura was weak but she still lived.

Fukune had waited outside Kanae Church in the cold night for an agonizingly look time, listening to the crashes and explosions coming from inside. Then a huge burst of golden light went off and everything was silent.

Yuu-kun looked worried. "What if Tsukigami lost?" he asked.

"She won't," Fukune said.

It was more amazing every time she thought about it. Night-san was really some kind of silver cat woman with magical powers. It would've been the coolest thing ever had the situation not been so serious.

"I wonder if the police will be here," Yuu-kun thought aloud.

The front door opened with a creek. Fukune was ready to bolt if Yukari or Kaiza or whoever it really was stepped out, but it was the silvery that emerged. She held the nude body of a bat-winged woman. Were it not for the bruises, cuts, and burns, Fukune would've found the bat woman as beautiful as Night-san.

"I defeated her, Kaiza," Night said to Fukune and Yuu-kun. "She's still alive. I'll find a way to send her back home."

"What!?" Fukune and Yuu-kun screamed in unison.

"Kill her before she wakes up!" Fukune yelled.

"No," Night-san said firmly. "I've killed countless people before I became a Christian. I will never kill again."


"We need to leave, now," Night-san said. "Gaigai."

A pool of darkness flowed like water from the air around them, forming a swirling oval opening. Through the opening Fukune saw a darkened room. Night-san walked through, and Fukune followed, Yuu-kun close behind. It was cold in that brief space between worlds, colder than the winter night. It was only for a second though, and Fukune found herself in the dark room. Night-san hit a light switch and with the room illuminated, Fukune recognized it as a unit in Kobayashi Heights. It was simply furnished but with a definite eye toward interior decoration. Thick red covers were draped over all the windows, almost like tapestries. There was a wooden cross mounted on the wall along side a portrait of Mary. Polished wooden tables and chairs were set up in the dining room.

Night-san carefully placed the false Yukari on a crimson leather couch. She turned the body over and walked away to another room. She came back holding what looked to Fukune like handcuffs with kanji engraved into them. She wordlessly placed the handcuffs onto Yukari's wrists, then turned her on her back again.

"There," Night-san said, "Kaiza is now helpless. Her qi has been disrupted in all but the most basic functions and magic has been blocked off from her."

"So qi and magic are real?" a fascinated Yuu-kun asked.

"Quite so," Night-san answered.

Yuu-kun grinned and rubbed his head frantically. "Wow, just…wow. I can't believe what's going on."

"Can you please tell us what's happening, Night-san?" Fukune asked. She wanted answers, and she had dozens of questions.

Night-san sighed. "I owe you a lot of explanations," she said in a tired voice. "I can't lie any more. I need to tell you the truth, but I need to rest. You do too."

Fukune nodded. "Yuu-kun can stay in my unit for now. Let's go."

She and Yuu-kun left Night-san's residence for Fukune's. They headed straight to Fukune's room, and without a word they slipped into the bed together. Sleep quickly overtook the exhausted Fukune.

Fukune and Yuu-kun didn't bother attending school the following day. They slept late, got up, showered, and got fresh clothes (Yuu-kun had to stop by his home to pick up some clothes for himself). The day went by in an agonizingly slow fashion for Fukune. She tried to read but her eyes couldn't focus on the words. Yuu-kun turned on the television and found a report on the heavily damaged Kanae Church. Several corpses were discovered inside, included what appeared to be Father Ryouta Hayabusa, Sister Yukari Kaneko, and several other staff figures. He switched it off soon after.

Fukune's eyes settled upon Yuu-kun, sitting at her dining table and nervously shifting about. She loved him dearly, she decided, even if she loved Night-san as well. Her face grew flush as she remembered the sex she had with him. It would be nice to get back together; she wanted him to be her man very much. She thought about trying to initiate sex with him, but quickly decided against it. She would wait until she knew he was the one for her.

They went out to eat, and walked around town for a while. It was a dark gray day again, the mood brightened by the Christmas decorations. Fukune remembered that it was going to be Christmas soon. She didn't really feel like celebrating, but she figured it would be good to join in the festivities. She might feel better then. She was too confused and tired to consider it now.

When she and Yuu-kun returned to Kobayashi Heights, Night-san was waiting for them in the hall, her human disguise on again. "It's done," she said. "I found where Kaiza entered the World of Humans and returned her to the World of Darkness."

"Won't she come back and try to kill you again?" Yuu-kun asked.

"She might," Night-san said with a nod. "The Syndicate of Darkness will think twice about coming after me though since I defeated Kaiza like that."

"So can you please tell us what's going on?" Fukune asked pleadingly.

"Yes; it's time you learned everything." Night-san invited them to her unit and gave them freshly prepared green tea. Fukune gratefully accepted the drink and sipped it as Night-san began her story.

"I am not a human but an An'uuto, a person from the World of Darkness. We must consume meat and blood to stay healthy, and synthetic meat and blood are widely available in the World of Darkness, but not in the World of Humans. Meat is easy enough to come by, but blood is much more difficult to acquire. Your sun also burns our skin and irritates our eyes. It's not fatal, but it's very painful.

"I was born in the Empire of Greater Remuran. I was either abandoned by my parents or they were killed. Either way I was taken in by Rokki, one of the ten immortal divine rulers of Remuran to be trained as an assassin because there was no one else to care for me, and I was given the code name Misshuura. Rokki noticed I was good in the art of mimicry and disguise, so I was forced to develop those talents. I was brainwashed and conditioned to suppress all emotions and empathy so that I could kill anyone I was ordered too.

"In time I was a perfected assassin and spy. Rokki was so pleased by the results that she offered me as a gift to Rubihatsu, the emperor of Remuran, as proof of her success. Rubihatsu in turn gave me to his first son, Raiten. Raiten headed the Syndicate of Darkness secret society, an extreme nationalist paramilitary group dedicated to furthering Remuran's imperialist goals, and I became a senior member."

"Oh, it's like Japan's Gen'yosha or Kokuryukai!" Yuu-kun observed.

Night-san gave a nod. "Yes, that's right, those evil groups from around your World War II. Anyway, Raiten would send me to kill anyone he perceived as a political threat to Remuran. I killed corrupt politicians and corporate heads, dissidents and protesters. I was even tasked to kill religious community leaders purely because they didn't practice the state religion. Then I was asked to kill the family and friends of my targets."

Night-san covered her eyes with a trembling hand. "I don't know how many people I killed. It all blended together after a while, and I felt nothing through my slaughter. Or rather, I thought I felt nothing. During one hit, I killed a man and had cornered his wife and children in a dark room. I shot them all in the head, and I kept on shooting until I ran out of ammo. They were unrecognizable as people after that. I just kept pulling the trigger, until I realized that I was crying. For the first time, I was crying real tears, not pretending when I needed too at times. Everything I had been trained to suppress came pouring out, and with it all the guilt and pain of killing so many people, so many sapient life forms. Then I got a call from headquarters. I was told there was a mistake and I had killed the wrong people. At that point I tried to kill myself, but I was unable to. I was too afraid and messed it up."

Night-san took a deep breath. Fukune shivered; she couldn't imagine being made to kill and kill again like that. Night-san was clearly very pained by the memories, but she had to confess them.

"I recovered and was given a break. I was utterly lost with no true identity or purpose. I tried to take comfort in Rireishism, the state religion of Remuran, but it offered no comfort, only a message of cold success and amoral ambition. I opened my eyes and saw for the first time that Remuran was consumed by an endless and futile climb to perfection. Everyone worked to be recognized as great, hoping to be accepted into the elite classes. Hierarchy and rank were the most important things in life. You had to be a winner, or else you would be trod upon by everyone else. The under classes were there to be exploited and used.

"I couldn't accept such a system, a system I was aiding by destroying anyone speaking out against it. I fled, leaving not just Remuran but the World of Darkness itself. It would be extremely difficult for the Syndicate of Darkness to find me in the World of Humans, and I chose Japan as my new home."

Fukune wondered if the choice was meant to be ironic; Remuran sounded more like a grotesque exaggeration of modern Japan than anything else (minus the state religion part).

"Blending in with other people was part of my job in the Syndicate of Darkness," Night-san continued, "so I just assimilated with the Japanese. Making up the identity of Night Tsukigami, it was a short while before I could pass as a Japanese human woman, moving about at night to feed on blood when I needed to. I was careful not to harm my victims; I took only enough blood to keep me healthy. I was safe, but I still felt tormented. I wandered about, without direction or purpose, until an old woman offered me a Bible and a pamphlet for the Catholic Church one night. I read the pamphlet and became curious, so I read the Bible. The Old Testament was horrible, filled with death and suffering in the name of God-sama, so I nearly threw it out. Something compelled me not to though, and I read the New Testament. I read of Jesus-sama and his charity and kindness toward everyone. Suddenly I understood! Jesus-sama lived for everyone, rich and poor, powerful and weak, and no one was excluded. Everyone was equal to Jesus-sama, all deserving of the same care and justice! That kind of egalitarianism is unthinkable in Remuran, and I was moved to become a Catholic."

Fukune knew it was insensitive, but she really hoped Night-san would not mention Jesus any more. She heard enough of how great Jesus was at school and choir.

"So I found a church and asked to join," Night-san said. "I had to go through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults before I could be considered a Catholic. I had to meet other members of the parish and learn to be a member of the community. It was complicated by how everything had to be done after sundown. It takes a year for the R.C.I.A. to finish, and I was certain I wanted to be a Catholic. I became a catechumen, taking a more formal introduction to Catholicism. Some of it was very strange, but I wanted to learn everything. I was accepted into the parish not long after, encouraged by my new community."

Night-san smiled warmly, her eyes teary. Fukune thought it was sweet to see her so happy. She felt uplifted just being in her presence.

"I felt liberated," Night-san said. "I was free from having my emotions suppressed and from having to kill. I swore I would never kill another sapient again. I had to make up for my sins though; I worked to help the needy, striving against injustice. I don't know if it will be enough to make up for all my sins, but I'm doing my best."

"But who was that fake Yukari exactly?" Fukune asked. "That…Kaiza lady?"

"She's an agent of the Syndicate of Darkness," Night-san said. "Kaiza was new when I left; I'm surprised they sent someone inexperienced like her to track me down. There'll be more though; I know too much for them to let me live. I was a bit rusty so I wasn't able to subdue Kaiza immediately and I didn't expect them to find me so quickly. Now that I know they know though I can better prepare. I'm sorry for dragging you into this; the Syndicate of Darkness may come after you too now."

Fukune swallowed nervously. That sounded quite dire, but on the other hand she did have the support of a super powered blood-drinking cat woman from a parallel universe. She felt pretty safe in her company actually.

She raised her head to look at Fukune and Yuu-kun. "Well," she said, "I suppose that's it. I still have a few problems though; it's my fault Miyagi-san died."

"What? How?" Fukune asked.

Night-san looked guilty. "I fed on her after that first choir we met at," she said. "Drinking blood can leave An'uuto hazy and unfocused, like getting drunk. I left Miyagi-san in the alley, where Kaiza killed her. If I had taken her somewhere safe after that she would still be alive."

Fukune sighed. "That was pretty irresponsible, Night-san."

"I know. I feel terrible."

"That was some story though," Yuu-kun said. "So where's this World of Darkness?"

"It's…Well, that's a bit difficult," Night-san said. "It's another world, far beyond this one. Not another planet; more like a parallel universe, but not really parallel."

"Cool," he said. "This is so awesome to know. But there's no religion like Catholicism there?"

"There are somewhat similar religions in the World of Darkness," Night-san said, "but I never learned much about them. I wouldn't really want to join those religions though; I like just having faith rather than evidence as a reason to stay with a religion."

"What do you mean?" Fukune asked.

"I mean that I would rather God-sama stay quiet and not do anything drastic; in the World of Darkness there is too much evidence of divine beings, granting incredible power to their priests and prophets. I like a world where the existence of God-sama is questionable rather than being unquestionably real. There's just more freedom involved."

Fukune now understood a deeper meaning to Kaiza's anti-Catholic tract: She scorned Catholicism because while her gods were proven to be real, the Judeo-Christian God was not proven real, nor any god ever worshipped in the World of Humans. It was a bizarre concept, and she almost couldn't blame Kaiza for her distaste toward Night-san. She wanted to believe in a kind, loving higher power that would take care of her after she died, but there wasn't any evidence to convince her there was such a higher power. She wouldn't join a religion unless she saw the truth of its gods. If gods were real in the World of Darkness though then was there a religion just right for Fukune? She needed to ask Night-san about that later.

"I guess I should go home now," Yuu-kun said. He scratched the back of his head, as though uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I guess so," said Fukune. They were standing in her unit, the door wide open. Night-san had left to do some "night work" so Fukune and Yuu-kun had returned to her unit. Yuu-kun stood in the doorway, looking at her with expectant eyes. Yet nothing happened to break the awkward silence. It was painfully clear he wanted to get back together with her, and Fukune wanted to as well. Something was telling her to hold off though. Was it that she still thought she had a chance with Night-san? It was true that she found Night-san's true form even sexier than her human disguise, but it wasn't as though Night-san had expressed a romantic interest in her, other than biting her throat, and she did that to Yuu-kun too.

"Well, erm, good-night, I guess," Yuu-kun said with a little sadness. He turned to leave closing the door behind him. Fukune stared at the closed door, lost in feelings of confusion. She wanted Yuu-kun, but she also wanted Night-san. It made far more sense to hook up with Yuu-kun: he was totally willing and ready for it. She had no reason to think Night-san liked her romantically.

The following days went by in a haze. Fukune went back to school on Monday, saying that she had felt sick again the previous Friday. Hardly anyone noticed; they were too busy gossiping about the massacre at Kanae Church. It was inconceivable that someone had killed so many people, even at a church. Truly, no one was safe from Vampire.

Christmas Eve was coming up, and everywhere Fukune went she heard the girls giggling about the boys they would be spending Christmas Eve with. Fukune realized she was very depressed over the fact, much more than she initially thought. A sense of loneliness pressed down on her, sinking her attitude down further. It didn't make any sense to her; she should've been happier than ever that Night-san wasn't Vampire, that she survived the whole strange ordeal. Why couldn't she just be thankful for that and not care about whether she had a stupid Christmas Eve date or not? Was it just because all the other girls had dates? It angered Fukune that she would care so much about something so trivial.

She rarely saw Night-san or Yuu-kun during that time. When she did she simply bade them a "hello" or "good evening". It depressed her to see them and they didn't seem to want to talk to her either. What was wrong with everyone?

Christmas Eve. Fukune stood on the bridge overlooking the river, slumped forward against the railing and resting her chin on her outstretched arms. The night was thick and gray as usual, pierced by the festive white Christmas lights wrapped around all the leafless trees. Freezing water slowly moved below her. Just her and water. What a way to spend Christmas Eve. There was no lover to spend the Christmas Eve night with nor any family to look forward to at home to spend Christmas morning with. What a joke. She hoped Yuu-kun found some pretty girl or boy to spend the night with, and Night-san had her midnight Mass to attend. She hoped they enjoyed Christmas Eve than she did.

Something tiny and cold touched her cheek. Fukune reached up to wipe her cheek off and her hand came back with a rapidly melting snowflake on her fingers. She looked around and noticed the white specks drifting from the sky all around her. Snow. Great, just what she needed, a beautiful white Christmas and no one to share it with.


Fukune turned about and faced Night-san standing before her. She was dressed in a red sweater and blue jeans rather than her usual attire. The older woman wore an expression of concern on her face.

"Oh, Night-san," Fukune said, surprised to see her. "I thought you were resting up for the midnight Mass."

Night-san waved her hand. "No; I'll be going, but not for a while."

Fukune checked her watch and found it was only seven o'clock. "Oh, sorry. The early nights trick me into thinking it's later than I think."

Night-san smiled weakly. "No, I'm just…spending my Christmas Eve by myself. But I decided to check on you instead."

"How did you find me?"

"It's your qi," Night-san answered. "All living creatures have a signature qi, and I can zero in on you from a distance. You have a lovely pearl-white aura actually, but it's pretty faint."

"Oh, thanks." Fukune looked at her hands but she didn't see any aura. "So, what are you gonna do for Christmas Eve? I've got nothing to do except stay by myself."

"A pretty girl like you?" Night-san asked teasingly. "I would think you'd have a dozen suitors vying for your hand."

Fukune chuckled. "I do, kinda, but I usually send them off. There's…erm, only one guy that interests me."

Night-san smiled knowingly. She understood who Fukune referred to.

"What about you?" Fukune asked. "You're drop-dead beautiful but you don't have a Christmas Eve date."

Night-san's smile became sad and nervous. ""You're right, I don't have one, but…"


Night-san fidgeted, avoiding Fukune's eyes. "But I, well…Fukune-chan, I'm very pretty lonely tonight and you are too. So…would you like to be my Christmas Eve date?"

Fukune thought she heard that last part incorrectly. "Wait, what!?" she asked, astonished.

"Would you please be my Christmas Eve date, Fukune-chan?" Night-san repeated with more confidence.

Fukune blinked in amazement. Had she died and gone to Heaven? "Night-san, I…I mean…Yes, I…But you're Catholic! I thought they disapproved of that!"

Night-san cast her eyes downward sadly. "They do disapprove. It's something I don't understand about the Church. Jesus-sama never said anything about treating people differently, so why's it wrong to be homosexual? I want to have a family and children, but I don't feel anything for men…When my emotions started returning, I got my first sexual fantasies too, and they all involved women. I had my first orgasm not too long ago, and it was to thoughts of a woman."

Night-san wiped some snow out of her hair. She looked very sad to Fukune. Fukune was still trying to process what she was hearing. So Night-san was a lesbian after all!


"Fukune-chan, I like you. I like you very much! I fell in love with you when I saw you in your maid costume, and I wanted to know more about you!" Night-san spoke very rapidly and breathlessly. She gazed at Fukune with a mixture of adoration and supreme fondness. "It's even better for me that you aren't Catholic because I'm too frightened to approach anyone at the parish!"

Hot tears began to leak from the corners of Fukune's eyes. She broke into a wide smile at Night-san. "I fell in love you with you too, but earlier, Night-san! When we met at church, I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world, but I was afraid you wouldn't accept me." She choked loudly. "I'm…so happy you like me!"

"Fukune-chan!" Night-san suddenly pulled her into a tight embrace, pressing Fukune to her impressive bosom. She leaned over and kissed Fukune's lips. Fukune was startled by how warm and soft Night-san was, and she welcomed her kiss. It made her regretful that she didn't save her first kiss for Night-san, but there was nothing she could do about that.

They stayed like that a minute, their eyes closed, blissful in the warmth of their lips. At last, with great reluctance, Fukune withdrew, warm and breathless.

"Night-san, let's go on a real date before your midnight Mass!" Fukune suggested. "There's still time to have fun!"

Night-san nodded, some tears in her eyes too. "Right!" she answered.

Fukune and Night-san spent three hours dining out, singing karaoke, listening to carolers sing Christmas songs, and playing at the game centers. Fukune was amazed by how much food Night-san could eat and how good she was at arcade games; Fukune watched, slack-jawed, as Night-san effortlessly beat all her high-scores, laughing merrily the whole while.

They returned to Fukune's unit at ten o'clock, once most of the shops began closing down. They sat together on the couch, holding hands. "I had a wonderful time," Night-san said wistfully.

Fukune smiled. "Yeah, me too. Let's go out on more dates."

"Yes, definitely!"

Fukune looked at her watch again. "Two more hours before midnight Mass! What are we supposed to do until then?"

Night-san sat up and turned to face Fukune, her face very serious. "Fukune-chan?"


Night-san hesitated, then took a deep breath before continuing. "Fukune-chan, I was wondering if you'd want to…do 'this and that'? With me? Before I go to midnight Mass?"

Fukune stared incredulously at her new lover. It was simply beyond belief that Night-san would ask for sex. She could accept that she was a lesbian who still felt the need for faith, but an unmarried Catholic suggesting sex to pass the time was too much.

"Night-san, you…you really want to do 'this and that'?" she asked tentatively. "But, you're Catholic!"

Night-san sighed. "I know but…Fukune-chan, I can't get married to you. I can't procreate with a human. There's very little I can do regarding love under Catholic law. I can choose celibacy, but I think that would be a waste of the sexuality God-sama gave me."

She took Fukune's hands into her own and fixed her with an intense stare. "Fukune-chan, will you promise to be mine and mine alone? I will be yours only, your eternal bride and lover. We will be together as though married, but only if you want that. This is the only commitment I will accept though."

Fukune's mind whirled. She was being offered what was essentially Night-san's hand in marriage, but just like marriage she couldn't see anyone else. That made her a little sad; there were still so many things she wanted to do with Yuu-kun. But the chance to be Night-san's loving wife…

"If you need time to decide, please think about it," Night-san said, her tone now much softer. "I'm sorry if I sounded forceful."

"No," Fukune said firmly. "I accept you as my only lover from now on, Night Tsukigami." She squeezed her hand and smiled at her lovingly. "Do you accept me?"

"Yes; as God-sama and Mary-sama as my witnesses, I agree to be your bride, Fukune Daibata, now and forever," Night-san said solemnly.

The two brides then silently rose from the couch and retired to Fukune's room. Night-san pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it aside. Underneath she wore a white blouse, and she discarded that too. Fukune took a sharp intake of breath at the sight of Fukune stripped down her her lacy light blue underwire bra. It strained to contain her exceptional breasts. She looked up at Fukune innocently, her face flushed.

"Fukune-chan," she said hesitantly, "please be gentle. I'm new at this."

Fukune nearly came just from hearing those words. Night-san, inspite of being a sexy blood-drinking cat woman in disguise, was like an angel of purity, sitting on her bed. Fukune felt soiled, having given up her own virginity so easily. Even so, she started to remove her own sweater and blouse, followed by her plain skirt dropping to the floor. She stood in only her underwear and bra before her new wife. Night-san gazed upon her teenaged body, blushing cutely.

Fukune slid onto the bed with Night-san and kissed again. This time the kiss was more bold, hungry. Her tongue darted into her lover's hot mouth, the intense heat making Fukune want to melt. She had never had a sexual experience with another girl before, but she followed her heart and what she had seen in her girls love H manga and anime.

Their hands groped clumsily at each other as they kissed. Fukune's hands found the clasp to Night-san's bra, and when they broke off their kiss the bra came with it. Fukune stared at Night-san's glorious bust, exposed to her for the first time. They were like hige, ripe white melons capped with fat pale-pink nipples. Her skin looked almost translucent and Fukune could faintly see bluish veins beneath the surface. Night-san shivered, looking adorable in her most vulnerable state.

Fukune quickly discarded her own bra, her nipples hard in the cool air. There was something she had to do know that she hand the chance.

Fukune joined her lips to Night-san's again, pressing her bare breasts against Night-san's own. She quivered with please at the softness of Night-san's breasts. She began to rub herself gently against Night-san, the friction squishing their busts together further. Fukune's panties were moistening with her juices, and she wondered how Night-san was feeling.

Fukune ceased her rubbing and adjusted herself, taking both of Night-san's nipples between her fingers. She rubbed and teased, delighted by the little gasps her bride was making. They were so plump and erect that Fukune's mouth watered. She couldn't resist and further and took the right nipple into the warmth of her mouth, sucking contentedly. Night-san mewled with pleasure at the sensations, encouraging Fukune to suck harder. She suddenly switched breasts, moving to the left mound, sucking that nipple too. The right nipple glistened in a coating of saliva.

Fukune's hand trailed down Night-san's slender belly to her perfect hips then lingered deliberately at her inner thigh. Her fingers traced the outline of Night-san's most guarded treasure, still contained within the damp cloth of her underwear. Night-san suddenly relaxed, breaking away from Fukune's mouth and lying back, her legs spread. She was trembling, some tears in the corners of her eyes. Fukune's bride was ready and willing for the next step.

Fukune's fingers took the hem of the lacy panties and gently eased them off. She slid them down Night-san's right leg and dropped them to the floor. She turned her focus to Night-san's sex, her eyes drinking in the glistening pinkness, her clitoris erect and throbbing with desire. With a wide smile, Fukune moved in, introducing her tongue to Night-san's sensitive flesh. Night-san groaned involuntarily as the tongue ran along the outside of the heated slit. Fukune tasted the hot juices of her bride, finding them delicious. The flavor lingered on her tongue before she returned to pleasuring Night-san, drawing her hot tongue up to the clitoris and circling around inside Night-san. Her tongue was getting numb from all the work, but she loved pleasuring Night-san and listening to her cries of joy.

Fukune moved to suck the fat clitoris into her mouth. Her tongue moved rapidly, swishing all around. Night-san now writhed sensually, her cries almost inhuman. She shuddered violently, and Fukune was awarded a jet of hot fluid from Night-san's sex. A catlike yowl escaped Night-san's lips before she fell silent, still quivering from her massive orgasm.

Fukune panted, trying to get some feeling back into her tongue, when she noticed the fur on Night-san's body. Her shape had changed, more toned and muscular than slender. Night-san raised her head slowly, blinking her now golden eyes, her hair now a thick mane of liquid silver. Human ears had been replaced with cat ears, and a silver tail now swished around between her legs.

"Oops," Night-san said as she stuck out her tongue with embarrassment. "You were so good I turned back to normal. Give me a moment to turn back into a human…"

"No way!" Fukune yelled. "You're beautiful as a human and as an An'uuto! I want to experience this side of you now!"

Night-san was surprised at first, but a smile spread across her face. "I see. Well, it's my turn to pleasure you now, isn't it, my bride?"

Fukune giggled softly as Night-san began to bathe her breasts in the saliva of her tongue. She was so very catlike as she went about licking her well-developed breasts. She was slight compared to Night-san, but still big for the average sixteen-year-old girl. Fukune groaned at the fast, precise licks. Night-san was so quick that Fukune felt like both her breasts were being equally pleasured at once.

Night-san's deceptively large paw nimbly removed Fukune's simple white panties. Before, she knew it, Fukune found Night-san greedily licking her sopping wet slit. Fukune moaned loudly and tangled her fingers in Night-san's thick hair. She smelled so fresh and pure despite their energetic sex. Night-san's tail whipped out around Fukune's waist, squeezing her tightly. Fukune laughed as the soft appendage hugged her even as intense waves of electric pleasure were coursing through her body from Night-san's ministrations. Fukune pushed needful urgency at her lover's head as she felt her orgasm building to the critical point. Her sex and clitoris felt like they were on fire under Night-san's amazing tongue.

She could no longer take it; Fukune trembled as her orgasm began, crying out as she came to climax. Tears of joy flowed freely as her orgasm reverberated deep within her. Night-san withdrew, licking her lips. They lay panting for a moment. Fukune reached out and squeezed Night-san's paw, and to her delight found her even possessed soft paw pads. It was a minute of relaxing before Fukune moved to Night-san's side and embraced her. She kissed her lover's cheek tenderly, happy in the knowledge that she at last had found her one true love.

"You'd better get ready for the midnight Mass," Fukune said. "We'll shower and get dressed."

"You know, I think I'll just stay here with you," Night-san answered. "Jesus-sama and Mary-sama won't mind if I spent Christmas Eve with my new bride."

"Oh, okay then." Fukune smiled, tired but happy.

Night-san cuddled closer to her, her tail again wrapping around her tightly. "Happy Merry Christmas, Fukune."

Fukune was never happier to hear her own name spoken. "And Happy Merry Christmas to you too, Night."


The end

Author's note: So that is that. This is the fastest I have ever completed a multiple chapter story, and I am very proud of the end result. Gospel de Night was extremely fun to write even though I had to work very hard to get it out by Christmas Eve night.

The story may be ending, but there will be further stories of Fukune, Night, Yuu, and others in the future. Thank you for reading and have a Happy Merry Christmas!