you never could listen to me,
you never could try to understand.
i never mattered enough to make a difference,
i never mattered enough for you to care.
you never wanted me for who i [was],
you never wanted me to be who i am.
i never wanted anyone to be happy so much,
i never thought i could keep you for myself.
you never listened to me when i asked you for things,
you never heard me when i really needed you to listen.
i never told you how much i loved you,
i never let you know how much i needed you.
you never made me feel like i should die,
you never let me fall so low.
i never wanted you to know how bad i felt afterwards,
i never wanted you to pay attention to me.
you never listened to me when i had something to say,
you never let me speak up when i tried.
i never want to speak to you again.
i never want to feel this pain.

a/n: I can't believe that you did that to me.
I can't believe that I let you do that to me.
I can't believe that I'm fucking crying again.


"I won't do this for you to make you happy when you couldn't do the same for me."
Dev, (oops, there I go again, I mean Devon)
it was never about me being happy.
You'd never understand what it's about because you won't fucking listen to me when I try to speak up.
So go ahead and turn around and tell her every fucking thing I just said,
tell her more secrets about me and Mitch that
shouldn't be your place to tell her.

Why can't I let go?
Because she's the only person I ever had.

I want to die.