Heir to the Labyrinth

By J.L. Lofthouse

Copyright © 2009 Jessica Lofthouse

I would just like to say that this story is copyrighted, and I wouldn't even try to think about ignoring that fact for YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. This is the result of my hard work and I have evidence to prove that this work is mine and mine alone.

Take this as your first and only warning.

Chapter 1

Many years ago when the moon spirits still walked upon the underworld, there was an epic battle between the creatures of light and the creatures of darkness. The war begun when the moon spirits gave each of the eight great clans one crystal as a gift to show the peace between them.

The Crystals contained the true power of that clan. It was their most prized treasure, soon the clans became so dependent on the crystals that in time without a crystal they would die. One of the clans became greedy and wanted more crystals to enhance their survival and become better than all the other clans.

They stole a clan's crystal and soon that clan began to slowly die.

As a result of that more clans wanted to get other crystals. Since the crystals where based on the peace between the clans, with all the fighting, the crystals soon lost there power and turned to dust, until there was only one crystal left.

The eight great clans split in two, the creatures of light and the creatures of Darkness.

And it was the creatures of Darkness who had the very last crystal.

The creatures of light consisted of white witches, Dwarfs, werewolves, and demon slayers. The leader of the light was a demon slayer by the name of Van Dyke, the most powerful and

strongest of all the creatures of light. With his unmatched eyes of molten silver and radiant green, he could strike fear into the very hearts of his enemy, and his midnight blue hair shone when he entered battle. He was a man of power what ever he wanted he would get it no matter what.

His mind was set and could not be changed; even his own wife and son could not change it.

Since they did not have a crystal Van Dyke's wife grew ill and soon died, Van dyke was enraged and he blamed the Creatures of Darkness for having the last crystal and did everything he could think of to not only take the crystal away from the Darkness but also destroy every one in it.

The Creatures of Darkness was consisted of Black witches, Shape shifters, Vampires, and Mastemas, the most exotic of all the creatures with the face and body of a human, the speed of a vampire, and the wings of an angel. The Leader of the Darkness was a Mastema known as Hecate, she was the strongest, wisest and the most beautiful of all the Darkness and every one loved her. Her silver brown hair was like a river as she flew over the battle field, her electric blue eyes could freeze her enemy's soul with just one glance. She was known as the Angel of Darkness, for her angelic like wings where as black as the midnight sky.

Hecate was also the queen of the Mastemas, she and her people lived within a Labyrinth, a maze full of untold danger and creatures that reminded you of why you were scared of the dark. When the clans broke into two the Darkness retreated to her castle and lived in the city that surrounded it.

The light spent many years trying to get to the castle but failed.

The queen knew that one day the light would defeat her Labyrinth and the last battle would take place there.

The queen summoned a meeting with the leaders of the Darkness and there they decided that they must hide the crystal where the light would think last to look.

The leaders had an idea and begged the queen to proceed with it, the idea was to turn the crystal into energy and transfer the energy into the blood stream of a child. There were not many children in the Darkness all of which the light knew about.

Except from one.

The new born child of the queen. The queen was enraged with the idea of having her own child put in mortal danger of a war that it had no part of. But in the end with much discussion and reasoning, she knew that she had no choice but to agree.

So in the end the crystal was turned into energy and place within the new born child, the queen gave he small child to her most loyal friends and told them they must go to the above world and hide there, she also told them that her child must not no anything about the under world or who it is and what it holds within itself, the queen gave her child her necklace, an amulet of the angels of Oberon. They set off to the above world, it broke the queen's heart to know that she would never again see her child, but knew that it had to be done.

The light defeated the Labyrinth and as was seen the last battle took place.

In the end it came down to the two leaders, Van Dyke, full of anger of the lost of his wife and the greed for the last pure crystal, against Hecate, full of sadness for the lost of her only child, and loathing towards the light for making her give the child up.

They fought for days neither one giving up, until on day from the loss of the crystal the queen became weak. Van Dyke to his chance and struck at the queen, her electric blue eyes faded and her heart beat stopped and with her so did the war.

The light had won.

Van Dyke took the labyrinth as his own and became king. He ran the creatures of darkness out of the land and banished them. Since the light had learned to be able to survive without the crystal they lived for longer, but they were still weakened and the land became darkened, the trees and plants turned black and withered, the sky darkened with red and black clouds, and the people of the underworld where plummeted into darkness.

The King made an oath, to find the crystal no matter what and return it to the underworld where it belongs. He spent many years trying to find the crystal until one day, one of the creatures of Darkness; a Mastemas, came forth and told the king that the queen had hid the last crystal within her new born child.

The king was enraged to not have of thought of the chance of the queen hiding it in the one thing that was closest to her heart. But then again he did not know she had a child.

The king restarted his search for the Crystal, he knew that the child must be somewhere he would least expect, so he knew Hecate must have hidden it in the above world. The traitor Mastemas told the king that at the age of 16 the Mastemas blood would activate within the child and reveal its whereabouts.

The king was pleased and made the Mastemas one of his council. He sent up his subjects to be ready to find the child when its Mastemas blood activated.

When he was old enough the king even sent out his son knowing that if anyone could find the child it would be his son. Plus he knew that the child must be around his son's age so it would be easy for his son to trick the child into coming back.

The king thought his plan was flawless and so did everyone else, except they forgot one thing. Thing the Labyrinth was alive, and it wanted the true heir… it wanted the child back.