I stared blankly at my computer as the people on the TV blather.

It wasn't long since I got dump but I was no longer feeling dejected. I was happy because everyone was telling me how striking I looked but there was one guy that took my breath away.

We started talking normally and he got my attention because he was so darn cute.

I thought he was joking about everything he said. After all I had met him over a dating site and I didn't even believe in long distance relationship but when I checked his profile I notice that he lived near.

The more we talked the more I wanted to meet him. He kept telling me how nervous he was about talking to a beautiful girl and for the first time in months I blushed and giggle.

He told me about himself and I said very little about myself but he didn't even mind but it was then he asked me on a date.

My heart started pounding loudly and my heart started racing.

I said yes. We talked a little bit more and he kept mentioning the day, which I thought it was delightful.

We laughed and joked. He showed himself dancing and acting all cool and hot which attracted me even more.

At last he asked for my phone number; promise to call me the next day and left.

I couldn't stop smiling when he left.

I was so thrilled.

I couldn't help the little scenarios playing in my head about that day but then I remember he would be with his friends and I couldn't be alone.

I thought about my best friend but I shook my head and remembered myself not get her involve in any of my plans anymore… she had no more time.

I knew who I was going with. I had the perfect two people for the job!!!

As I planned I grew more exited, and soon I couldn't even stand myself.

I had to stop and think.

I've been through this before.

They ever end as I think.

Was I getting over my head over something I had gone through before?

Was I falling to the same pattern again?