A/N: Here's the prologue of my new story. It's short, I realize this. I'll try to make the chapters longer. However, I have a short attention span, so in order to keep my attention going, I've got to create shorter chapters. Don't worry though, I promise they'll be longer than this. (: There's bound to be mistakes too, this is just a rough draft. etc, etc, etc. Reviews please?


"Cigarettes and coffee

An alcoholic's best friend."

- Gerard Way

I can't help but float back into this summer's events, knowing that if those things hadn't happened; I'd still be the same depressing bitch I was six months ago. I don't like thinking about that though, because everything did happen. That's never going to change. However, sometimes I can't help but wonder, what if something different were to have happened? I had to be careful with everything I did, knowing one wrong move could've ruined everything.

Eventually I learned the things that happen in life, well they happen for a reason. Sometimes it's hard understanding destiny, and all that cheap shit. Sometimes it just comes naturally…believing, I mean. For example, if someone were to tell me six months ago that my junior year in high school, I'd be famous and all over the news. And all because of one stupid night, I'd laugh in their faces. Punch them. I didn't even want to go out that night, but Destiny (Ha-ha, I love irony) forced me to. Yeah, against my fucking will.

But I guess I should be happy, I mean it was because of her everything happened. I can remember that night clearly, that one night that changed the rest of my life. That one demeaning, irrelevant, unplanned, completely life-changing night…Well, who's to say that good things don't happen to bad people. Who's to say I'm even that bad of a person? The entire United States seems to think I'm an innocent little girl, with a cute little boyfriend.

They make me laugh. Like we're teenagers, right? We're seventeen. They actually think we don't have sex? And with all the fights I've been in, well god knows I'm anything but innocent. Don't tell the press that though, if you do I'll be screwed. Not in the good kind of way either. Okay, so what? My attitude hasn't changed, but I have learned from my past mistakes. Like that one time Rosa thought she was pregnant? Yeah, well if that happened now, instead of saying "You probably don't even know who the father is," I would know when to shut the fuck up.

Exactly, you can't go around telling people I'm some inconsiderate bitch now. Sure I'm a bitch, but I can care. Obviously. Plus, I also have my nice moments. Although they are kind of rare…It doesn't really matter, they're still there. The only thing that gets kind of annoying though, I can't stand the fucking paparazzi. Do you know how annoying they are? I'm afraid to piss now. I can't leave anywhere without microphones being shoved in my face, and cameras flashing.

Sometimes I even consider running away, although not forever. Just for maybe a week, you know? To get away from all the attention. Of course, I would take everyone with me. I wouldn't dare leave them alone, especially him, not again. I couldn't risk it. Not after what happened last time, I just got off the fucking pills…for the third time. And this time it seems to be going alright, I don't want another repeat of the last times. No sir! Gosh, I'm thirsty.

Totally off subject, right? But you see, that's where you're wrong. Because drinking has a lot to do with this story. Nah, I'm just joking. There's tons and tons of shit, but nothing major involving that tasty, tasty liquid. That gets you wasted. That makes you slur important words. That helps you do some of the biggest mistakes of your fucking life. Okay, so maybe drinking does have a little bit to do with this story, but if you think that's bad, then you're in for one hell of a ride.

So, where should I start? You're probably thinking "The beginning you stupid prick!" Right? Well it's not that simple my patient lovely readers, it's different. This is different. The beginning could start at the time I heard that name. The name of the hottest new band in the US, heck the entire fucking world. Or it could begin the day I actually saw how hot the members were. Or maybe the last day of school?

The first month of vacation where I threw my life away, and engaged in drugs, drinking, fucking, and god knows what else?

That's all behind me now, and I'm not sure I'd like to share those personal details. So I'll start on that day, the day you're probably curious as hell about by now. Remember? The life-changing day? I'm sure all of these meaningless words will make sense sooner or later, but as your author, I would like to gloat a little bit. Ha-ha! I know something you don't! Okay, so anyways…? Oh, right!

It all started with a fist fight.