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Chapter Seventeen

"Welcome to the rest of your life,"

-- Unknown

It was already 9:00 PM, and curfew was at 10.

I gave my comforter a small look-over, and decided that the lime green and black striped design looked good enough to be slept in by me. There were people scattered in my dorm, whom I shared with Destiny, and a girl named Taylor who seemed nice enough. The past couple hours, everyone had been helping Destiny, Taylor, and I to decorate our dorm room; they decided it would probably be the main hangout during the school year.

Taylor walked into the room, and Colton followed in after her; they were both carrying several coffees, shakes, and sodas in their arms. Taylor had long blonde hair and porcelain blue eyes, along with a tan. No, she didn't seem like the type of person we would normally get along with. However, she was new this year, and she shared a lot of the same interests as a certain boy in ATICY (coughCOLTONcough), so we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

For now, at least. I walked up to them and grabbed my French Vanilla coffee, and then grabbed Aden's Butterscotch coffee. I walked back over to my bed, handed Aden his coffee, and watched as the rest of our friends got their beverages. The room did look pretty cool if you ask me, and it was probably the largest out of everyone's—was that why they wanted to hangout here so much? That would explain it.

There were three bedrooms, which were obviously Destiny's, Taylor's, and my bedrooms; mine seemed to be the one people were chilling in at the moment. We had a small living room, a dining area, and Taylor's rich father bought her a 42' inch flat screen for our living room—yeah, we were living it good. Not to mention we had a variety of awesome looking furniture.

I set my coffee on the bedside table, and laid on my back; staring at the poster of Matt Dillon I had hung on the ceiling. I loved that dude, so much. I knew it wasn't long before we would start discussing the tradition of the night before school starts—I don't think that being at a boarding school changed the tradition either.

Let me explain a little bit, seeing as you're probably a bit confused at this point. Every year—the night before school starts—my friends and I would play a prank on either the teachers, the class we would be in, or something along those lines. Last year when I attended this boarding school, instead of pulling a prank on them; I just helped my friends pull a prank on my old school. However, seeing as they go here now…

Well, it should be one hell of a night.

Jasper walked into the room with a large grin on his face, and something was bulging from his sweatshirt. Behind him was Ryder, Adam, and Ian—who all had bags of something. Everyone crowded to one end of the room, waiting to listen to the directions of what would be going down in the next two hours.

"Since this school has a curfew, we'll be preparing for everything right now," Jasper explained. "Then after ten, we'll get ready to pull the prank."

"Okay, first off we're going to be putting caution tape," Jasper pulled out the bulge from his sweatshirt, and showed everyone the yellow and black caution tape. "All over the main building for classes, and wherever else we can get it."

I giggled a little bit, and smiled wide when I saw Aden was getting a kick out of this.

"We're going to all be wearing black so we aren't caught," he glanced at ATICY. "And you guys should take Skyler's lead, she's probably the best out of all of us at this"

"Pfft, we're capable on our own." Aden remarked.

"Sure ya are, darling." I said snickering.

"All of us are going to be doing the caution tape first, I've got three rolls of it so we'll all be separating into groups of…" he began counting. "five groups of three."

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, the first group will be Skyler, Destiny, and Taylor," the three of us nodded. "Since Sky will be with you guys, your job after the caution tape is to break into the main building, go to the auditorium where the welcoming ceremony will be held tomorrow morning, and vandalize it in any way you can.

"Second group will be Dominic, Adrianna, and Rosa," the three of them exchanged looks. "Your job is to vandalize the statue of the founder of the school in the main courtyard in any way you can, and the surroundings as well."

"Does anyone have a thong?" Rosa asked, looking around.

"I do!" Taylor yelled. "I'll get it for you before we all part off."

What is this…I don't even…

"Okay then, the third group will be Aden, Thomas, and myself." Jasper gave them a grin, and they grinned back. "We're going to be vandalizing the lockers with these."

My face brightened as he took out six cans of spray paint.

"The fourth group will be Tyler, Ryder, and Ian," Ian gave the two boys a thumbs-up. "You guys will be taking care of the cafeteria, do whatever you'd like to. Be creative."

Ian held up his bag of stuff, and I noticed that it had a lot of ketchup in it. Oh boy, what could he have in mind?

"The last group will be Colton, Y.T, and Adam," Adam held up his bag of whatever the hell it was. "And Adam will tell you what your jobs are."

Adam winked at Jasper, who grinned in reply; I noticed he had tools in his bag of supplies. What in the world…?

"Okay, get with your partners in someone's dorm room! We shall take off in twenty minutes!" Jasper yelled.

Taylor, Destiny, and I watched as everyone departed slowly, gathering with their group partners; I caught the roll of caution tape Jasper threw at me. Destiny and I sat on my bed, waiting for Taylor to give Rosa her thong, and then come back for us to discuss what would be going on. She sat next to me, and I grinned at them enthusiastically.

"Well, this will be interesting, to say the least."


Destiny, Taylor, and I were running around the black campus; throwing caution tape over one tree, around one building, and laughing at the places that were already filled with the yellow and black tape. I was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, and a short-sleeved black t-shirt, Destiny and Taylor wore almost the same thing. We had passed a few of our friends already, but we couldn't tell who they were—it was too dark.

We finally used up the roll of caution tape, and began heading for the building. Taylor couldn't stop giggling, and Destiny was trying hard not to burst into laughter at Taylor's ridiculous giggles. Me, well I was just sitting back and enjoying the night. We reached the front doors of the main building, and I instantly fell to my knees; Taylor handed me the bobby pin from her hair.

I bit the end of it to shape the keyhole, stuck it in, and twisted it a bit. The doors fell open, and I grinned at our teamwork. Destiny handed me a can of hairspray, and I pushed on the nozzle; the blue lasers were on the floor in a checkerboard pattern. I whispered for them to follow my lead, and stepped into one of the squares. I started running across the laser floor, and breathed a sigh of relief when I reached the open doors to the auditorium; which didn't have any alarm systems in it.

How did I know that? Well, just because we didn't pull anything last year doesn't mean I didn't explore anyway.

Destiny landed beside me, and we turned around to look for Taylor; she was still on the other end with a look of horror on her face. I mentally slapped myself, and tried to think of something encouraging to say.

"Come on babe, you can do it!" Destiny yelled. "Just do it one step at a time."

Taylor nodded, and took one step into the square. I heard a small squeak as she almost last balance, and then she bolted towards us—her legs not touching one laser. We hugged her with proud when she reached us, and she smiled relieved. I lead them into the auditorium, and we all went different paths. Destiny began putting pudding in the seats, and I threw Taylor the other end of the banner we had made earlier. It was about ten feet long.

We climbed onto the stage, and I climbed up the ladder that lead to the lights; Taylor followed my lead. We both tied the banner onto one of the poles, then climbed down to help Destiny with the pudding. As I jumped off the stage, I turned around to look at the banner and smiled—It read "Welcome to Hell, enjoy your stay."

I grabbed another bucket of pudding, and the next half hour consisted of us spreading a lot of pudding on every single seat in the auditorium. I grabbed a can of red spray paint, and wrote TNF on the platform of the stage—it stood for Teenage Ninja Force. We smiled with satisfaction at our job, and ran out of the building as fast as we could.

On the way out, I noticed a few things: TNF was scribbled everywhere in the halls, and there was toilet paper all over the lockers and doors. When we were outside, the three of us burst into hysterical laughter; we tried hard to calm down. It was a huge mess out here, but the one thing that stood out was the staff members cars were taken apart and spread all over the courtyard. The three of us calmed down, and ran back to our room.


I had just gotten dressed in the school uniform, which was a white blouse covered by a blue school sweatshirt, and a blue and white plaid skirt that reached three inches above my knees. I was wearing black fishnet leggings and a red and black tie to spice things up a bit. Taylor had just walked in the room with a coffee for all three of us, and we headed downstairs to check out the damage.

There were students everywhere, running around like crazy little monkeys. I saw a few video cameras, and I figured that this would probably be on the school news. Probably all over the school paper as well. I couldn't help but smile when I heard comments on the vandalism when students passed me.

"TNF is brilliant," one said. "This is the best thing that has ever happened here, besides ATICY attending school."

Yes, we were geniuses.

I walked into the cafeteria, and burst into uncontrollable laughter. The tables were being turned upright by students and teachers, and food was being scraped from the ceiling. We walked out of that mess, and admired everything else on our way to the auditorium. Wow, we had gone all out this year, hadn't we? When we walked into the auditorium, there were people scrubbing off the seats with wash clothes.

"Might as well go back to your rooms," a teacher told us, and she passed. "Morning classes have been cancelled."

"Oh, I see." I said, trying to contain my giggles.


We had finished checking out all of the damage, and were back in our room now. All of our friends were waiting in there for us when we had returned, and we all shared high-fives. Aden kissed me passionately on the lips, and I grinned up at him. Maybe this school year would be different than last year…

The next few hours consisted of us eating, talking, playing games, and watching the news on the pranks we had pulled the night before. It eventually came time to head down to the auditorium, and all of us crowded out of the dorm room. I stared at the walls as we continued walking, and felt warm with Aden's hand in mine. All of my friends looked happy and satisfied, and my heart was beating ten miles an hour.

I felt like I could tackle anything, and I really liked that feeling. It felt like I had grown up over the summer, and made plenty of great memories along the way. I had a feeling that more trouble was to come; I couldn't stop remembering what Jay had said to me the night he was shot, and I had fallen into that coma.

"I'm only taking orders, Sky."

I didn't want to worry about that right now, though. Even though I knew that bad things were going to happen, I also knew that I would be making plenty of great memories with plenty of wonderful friends. Aden pulled me to him, and his arms wrapped around me; I smiled at my surroundings. I knew that this school year would be different. One sentence kept ringing in my ears, and it had been the sentence I'd been living off the past four months.

Everything happens for a reason.

The End