Hey guys! This is not an update for my story, but rather me asking you to give me a few minutes of your time! I've entered in a story contest, and people voting will have an influence on the judges' decision. The winner of the contest gets to go to Italy, and help write the pilot episode to a new TV show (written for teens, by teens). Currently, I'm in second place for the most voted for, and Lucas Gabreel (my longtime celebrity crush) gave my story a shout-out! :D

It would mean so much to me if you would please vote for me (instructions will be given below). This is an opportunity I've dreamed of for so long...and to think I actually have a shot at winning is amazing. The deadline is TUESDAY!

Go to your FACEBOOK.

Search for Roam14.

Click on it and like their page.

Go to "Roam14 Story Contest", and scroll to the bottom where there's two exerts to the right.

Click "view more".

Look to the right at the most-voted for, and my name is Mandee Rose! Vote and please help me live my dream!