your breath is light
at first,
quiet and gentle and
barely noticeable
under the folds of the
of midnight.

i imagine a slow dance
offered by your rhythm
in a drifting feather
taking hold of my hands.
you pull me away
from the glass,
replacing its cold with your
airy warmth,
my fingers shy to
with yours. i
imagine gliding
along the pale shades
of light
in mid-air. i imagine
our pace increasing, your steps
from measured and calm
to frantic and clumsy,
your fingers whitening
in their hold
, and the tempo
of your song
quickening, the climax
rising with a terrific
you're swept away
by the storm
of your own ragged breaths,
the sinking terror
clawing its way deep into you
until broken
by a crash
and a muted, strangled gasp.

you wake.

i breathe out slowly;
you breathe me in.
my calm seeps
into your pores
, settling into
your blood through the
of your lungs.
you breath out slowly;
i breathe you in.
your nightmares
i swallow away.