This was a narrative essay that we had to do for my Dual Credit English class. I changed my friend's name for safety precautions And yes. This really did happen.

Bathroom Blues

"Let me out!" These are usually the words coming from a confined place with a victim trapped inside. These were the words coming from my mouth. The confined place I was trapped in was Lorrie's bathroom.

I had been excited about that evening. I was going to spend the night at the Smith's house! We'd had so much fun during the day; swimming in the pool, hanging out, talking, watching movies, sneaking snacks, and just playing around. It had been a great day, and now it was time for dinner.

Mrs. Smith had told us that we needed to get ready for bed before we could eat; generally speaking, baths, pajamas, and deciding which room to sleep in. Lorrie was taking a shower while was I getting all of the things I would need for the next day together. I had just finished setting everything out when she walked out of the bathroom, signaling that it was my turn. I smiled. A quick shower and then it was dinnertime! At least that's what I thought.

I was in a hurry, but the water was warm and I couldn't help but unwind and relax a little. My stomached growled then, reminding me that I was hungry. I snapped out of it and began to wash my hair. In ten minutes, I was finished, dressed, and ready to eat. As I went to turn the doorknob, disaster struckā€¦ it wouldn't open.

I paused for a moment. Then I remembered that I needed to turn the lock the other way. I smiled at my foolishness, although I was sure it hadn't been that way before. I tried anyways. To my dismay, however it didn't work. My giddiness turned into fear. I wiggled the doorknob. Nothing. I tried again. Still nothing. I was at the point of panic now. My efforts to open the door became more desperate. I wasn't hungry anymore. I was locked in.

"Lorrie?" I called through the door. "I can't open the door." There was no answer. "Help!" I called again, jiggling the doorknob all the while. I called out again, a little louder than before. Obviously, she hadn't heard me since there was no answer.

Frustrated and scared, I started to cry. I stopped turning and started pulling. Of course the door didn't open then, so I started to pound on the door. "Let me out!" I yelled. Why couldn't Lorrie hear me? I yelled even louder than before.

As I was freaking out, Lorrie was helping her mom set the table, totally unaware of my plight. While my thoughts were along the lines of: 'Where's Lorrie? Why can't she hear me? Will I get out of here alive?' hers were: 'What's taking Christy so long? I thought she was hungry. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner.'

Coming back to my situation, you would now find me banging on the door with my fists as fat, hot tears rolled down my cheeks. Was it me or was it starting to get hotter? "Help! Somebody! Anybody! Help me!"

An answer finally came to my desperate cries. "Christy? Are you okay?" It was Connie, Lorrie's older sister. Sobbing, I told her that I was locked in. A sense of relief filled me as she ran off to go tell her dad. Unknown to me, she was laughing the whole way.

After a minute I heard voices calling out my name. The whole family had come to my rescue, but also to see what on earth I had gotten myself into. This was a hilarious affair for them.

We tried a variety of options to open the door. Jiggling the door from both ends, turning the lock both ways, and jumping against the door were among them. When none of them workd, Mr. Prewitt got a screw driver and tried to pick at the lock. He had no success. Finally, he decided to just take the doorknob off. The door opened and, I ran out into the fresh, cool air, wisps of steam from my shower curling in the air behind me.

When you hear that someone has been locked in the bathroom, your immediate response is to laugh. 'Why couldn't real life be that simple?' I thought. 'This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me!' Looking back at it now, it's just another one of those childhood memories that you end up laughing about every time you tell the story. I recovered in about a week.

The next time I went over to Lorrie's house, I wasn't too surprised to see that they had a new doorknob. This doorknob, however, you could simply push the button and it would lock itself and unlock as you opened the door. Perfect to keep "certain" people from getting locked in. Along with the new doorknob, Lorrie showed me a key above the door that could open it from the outside. She smiled as she showed me and I could practically hear the laughter in her voice. "Just in case," she told me.