A classification essay about commercials for my Dual Credit English class. I hated this one.

The Different Types of Commercials

One of the number one things that annoy people is commercials. They always cut into the middle of a good part in the show you're watching. However, in your annoyance, you may not have noticed the different kinds of commercials. I have separated them into four different categories.

The first type of commercial is the most common one; the type that sells merchandise. This is the largest group out of the four. The types of products that can be sold vary widely from cars to candy to medicine. These commercials try to appeal to the watcher by showing the product and what it looks like, what it does, or comments from people who have supposedly tested it. For instance, a common product is one that appeals to personal vanity. "Want to lose weight?" or "Tired of wrinkles?" are often the slogans used to get the audience thinking about their flaws. Another example of merchandise commercials is one that sells cars. Most commercials are meant to appeal to you and commercials that sell merchandise are no exception.

The second type of commercials are ones that advertise service companies. Service companies are normally businesses that will clean your house, install carpet or tile, telephone services, ect. An example of one would be the popular commercial Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaners. Cute jingles are normally used to help you remember the company's phone number and information. In addition, the numbers contain a word at the end that keeps it unique, for instance, 1-800-STEEMER. This will usually be shown at the bottom of the screen and announced maybe three times or more before the end of the commercial.

The third type of commercials promotes causes. The causes that are mainly seen are ones that beg people to "Keep Earth Green", "Stop Animal Cruelty", or "Feed the Poor Hungry Children in Bombadia." While most of these are for a good cause, in my opinion, they tend to get annoying. Not only are these slogans in commercials, they are printed on folders, billboards, and internet advertisements. The commercials are normally a real quick slideshow with a number to call and "help" this cause by donating your money. These are shown least out the other four types of commercials.

The fourth and final type of commercial are previews. Previews are exactly what they called; they give you a short view of upcoming movies. After the clips, the movie's website is given as well as the release date so you know when you can go watch it. Previews also introduce new tv shows or episodes. These are the most entertaining because they normally get you excited. However, the drawback is the fact that the same exact previews are shown again and again well over a month.

Commercials are one of the reasons companies and industries get as much business as they do. They advertise many different products that otherwise normally couldn't be known about. Annoying as they are, they certainly help our economy. The one thing that I would consider worse than commercials, however, would be telemarketing calls.